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Improve Brand Reputation in 2022
Brand Development

How Companies Improve Brand Reputation in 2022 Brand reputation is a significant influence on the success of a company. The impression you leave on your customers is more important than ever today; There’s a constant public conversation about brands, services, and more online. But unfortunately, Americans are more likely to share their negative experience with…

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Why You Should Consider The Customer Journey
Brand Development

When you think about who you provide goods and services to, how do you think they found you in the first place? There is a process that the customer follows that is called the customer journey, and it is inevitable. Everybody has a customer journey in whatever they do in their daily lives. This blog…

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Things That Lead To Good Logo Design
Brand Development

If you are ready to create your brand, or are in the process of updating, you might want to think about the ways you can create a good logo design and make it stand out. The best way to do this is by following some simple concepts that are the basics to all good logo…

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Wireframes 101: Wireframes for Beginners
Brand Development | Website Design | Website Planning

This blog will help answer some of the questions you were wondering about wireframes. “What is a wireframe? “Why do I need one?” “How do I start?” “What do I need for it?” Here is the beginning of it all. What is a wireframe? A wireframe is like an outline of how your website or…

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Decide On Your Marketing Objectives
Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies | Brand Development | Business Consulting

You want to grow your business and increase your sales. There are different approaches depending on how you want to achieve this growth. Start by deciding what your business growth objectives are. Market Penetration: Sell more of your current product to your current market Product Development: Sell a new product to your current market Market…

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Get A Professional Website Review
Brand Development | Business Consulting | Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies

Do you have a very nice business website that you are proud of?  But it just does not bring in any leads. You have been making changes, but still, you aren’t sure what is wrong.Questions a digital marketing review can answer: Does your business appear trustworthy? Are you giving your visitors an opportunity to act?…

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Secure Your Site With HTTPS
SEO Strategies | Brand Development | Business Consulting | Internet Marketing

3 Reasons to upgrade your website to HTTPS It is no longer an option for your website to be merely HTTP (no S) which is without an SSL certificate. It used to be you only needed a secure website if you were doing e-commerce with an online shopping cart and customers entered their credit card…

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The Ideal Customer Friendly Experience
Brand Development | Internet Marketing | Web Usability | Website Design

Want to make your customers (clients or patients) come back for more? Look at your selling and delivery processes to provide a customer-friendly experience. Customer loyalty is driven by likeability (86%) and trust (83%) according to a study by Rare Consulting Group. Benchmark from your best competition, look to your sales and customer service teams…

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Make Your Website Look Trustworthy
Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies | Social Media Marketing | Brand Development

With the online noise today, users find it typically harder to trust a website. For online marketers, a vital part of the job is to make your website look trustworthy more— especially for paying customers. Otherwise, your efforts will all go to waste. How do people determine if a site is to be trusted? This usually…

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Use Clear Call To Actions
Blog Marketing | Brand Development | Conversion Rate Optimization | Internet Marketing | Lead Generation

So you managed to talk to an attractive stranger at the bar. What’s next? An open-ended date can leave anyone hanging like: Is he really into me? Are we going out again next time? Does she even like talking to me?  It seems pretty obvious, but all you need to do is ask what is…

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