About Us

We are a team of highly skilled digital marketing
professionals dedicated to solving your online
marketing challenges.

Who We Are

With extensive experience in driving results, our experts combine strategic knowledge, proven tactics, and innovative thinking to meet any need. Our primary aim is boosting your sales, generating quality leads, and amplifying your brand’s visibility through impactful solutions tailored to your business goals. Keeping the consumer perspective central, we build memorable brand experiences that inspire action. Whether launching a comprehensive strategy or optimizing existing campaigns, our team works closely with you each step of the way. We are your committed partners in enhancing your digital presence and achieving marketing success online.

Client Mission

Double our client’s most important conversions within a year.

Company Mission

To be number one in making businesses number one.


To create a world where businesses and consumers no longer have to struggle to find each other.


Because of a passion for helping others, we exist to help you exceed your own expectations.

2023 Results for Clients

196.6% Client overall growth

9K+ Page 1 rankings

362K+ Conversions Captured

Our Story

The roots of Techna began in 2011 when the founder, Doug Williams, began offering business consulting services and then ventured into digital marketing due to the growing need for it. Blending his consulting services with digital marketing, he formed Doug Williams Digital Marketing (DWDM). Doug’s mission was to provide strategic solutions to the most difficult pain points that business owners face in their digital marketing.

Knowing that he wanted to retire soon, Doug decided to rebrand DWDM. Wanting to have a business not dependant on his name, Doug rebranded into Techna Digital Marketing. Techna is Greek for the word “strategy” which fit perfectly into Doug’s vision of using strategy behind his solutions. Recently, with the passing of his father, Doug made the choice to retire sooner than he thought in order to spend more time with his family. Not wanting to dissolve his business or abandoning his clients, Doug needed to find a solution. That solution was DaBina.

DaBina started at Techna as an intern and has since began to understand Techna from the inside-out. Working alongside Doug to prepare for the change, the bond she has to Techna has grown stronger. With her time spent working with the team, helping clients with their needs, and studying Techna as a whole, DaBina is able to understand what is best for Techna, its clients, and its team. Bringing a new perspective, a young and creative mind, and being able to take on more than her predecessor, the outlook for Techna has been steered in a new direction.

Our Values


We know that effective communication is vital to the success of any relationship. That is why we place immense value on communication as a key driver of our digital marketing services. We are committed to delivering outstanding assistance and ensuring that you are well-informed. Our goal is to restore your trust in the importance of effective communication.


When a digital marketing company mentions “quality,” they are referring to results and deliverables that directly influence the success of your business. We have implemented various strategic practices that ensure quality is embedded from planning to execution. By prioritizing quality, we consistently strive to exceed our client’s expectations and deliver exceptional results that have a significant impact on their business growth and success.


One of the factors that truly sets us apart is that we take immense pride in our ability to swiftly transform your requests and needs into completed tasks within a matter of hours. We genuinely understand the value of your time, and you can trust us to prioritize the most important items on your list and take care of them promptly.


It’s true that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, but now, chocolate boxes come with labels that disclose what’s inside for you to take your pick. Similarly, when it comes to digital marketing, having a clear understanding of what is happening is crucial in order to make the best decisions for your business. We believe in complete transparency and will never hide any fees, plans, or metrics from you.

Who We Help & What We Do

Since 2011, we have helped small and medium sized business owners who are looking to grow their business using effective and REAL strategies to solve bothersome and REAL problems. Whether you already have a business or if you are looking to build one, Techna Digital will provide you with the solutions you need.

When you work with us you will begin with a marketing strategy that is reflective of your unique business, what it offers, the makeup of its customer base and competition.Then, with that in place, we determine a digital marketing strategy that effectively contributes to the overall marketing effort.

At techna we draft strategies that will ultimately produce the best results and create that connection with your audience you have hoped for. from the first move to endgame, we are there by side and beyond.

Make the first move

What Makes Techna Different

Our customer service is what sets up apart from all other agencies. Our current support system operates with a 10-minute response rate and a turnaround of 1 hour or less for most client requests. We find it hard to believe, that many times, others have shared that they were working with a developer or company and all of a sudden they never responded, just dropped off, or never completed the work. It’s truly unfortunate to hear about such experiences others have had with unreliable developers or companies. This only reinforces the importance of our commitment to exceptional service and reliability in all our interactions. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients by providing consistent and timely support every step of the way.

We also stand out for our competitive pricing. While you may find someone willing to do it for less, quality is often sacrificed. Despite our competitive pricing, we always deliver high quality. If our pricing does not meet your needs, we would love to discuss alternative solutions with you. And if you decide not to partner with Techna for this meaningful project, we would be happy to work with you on smaller projects, such as design work, or to answer any questions about digital marketing and online presence.

You Deserve A Digital
Marketing Agency That Cares

Look at some testimonials people have said about Techna and what we have done for them. Though we are a digital marketing company based
in Vancouver, WA, our clients come from all over the U.S. That is the power of digital marketing. You can reach and help audiences farther
than your eye can see with their wants and needs.

Alexa Soldo, Marketing Natural High

I’ve been working with Techna and Doug for 6+ years now. I’ve changed organizations and made sure I brought this team with me on my new projects. I appreciate the complete service we get from them – anything and everything digital marketing from blogs to very technical things like an API.The team finds solutions to all of my digital needs.

Jade Baldwin, Marketing SportsCare Physical Therapy

I have been working closely with DaBina at Techna Digital for sometime now. I appreciate her attention to detail and dedication to improving our website. DaBina leads her team well: delegating, communicating progress, and following up to ensure timely results are delivered. I would highly recommend DaBina at Techna Digital for ALL your Digital Marketing needs.

Amanda Holmes, CEO Chet Holmes International

Techna Digital is a very rare breed of web developer; he understands that a website isn’t just about looking good; he knows that it’s about gaining fans and being the most respected in your industry. My father, Chet Holmes, NY Times Bestselling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine, worked with Doug for countless years and I can attest that his work reaches far beyond what a normal web developer does. His book Dominate! Gives an easy to follow process for creating your own ultimate website.

Jon Keel, CEO Improved Results, LLC

We had worked with Doug on several outside projects and were so impressed we contracted with him to do a remake of our site.  Outstanding performance, super timely response, and he listened to us all the way.  Plus, he had several good ideas which made the final product even better.  I plan to bring him in on future projects where our client needs the same results he gave us.

Ken Slosarik, President El Gato Painting

The Techna Digital team is the most professional that I have experienced for Digital Marketing. The ease and production of websites and marketing in a continually changing field is excellent. I have wasted money on websites with many marketing companies that do not know what they are doing. I love how Techna Digital monitors our progress and keeps me posted.

Techna Digital Marketing is Recognized!

In 2022 we were the Golden Winner of the Titan Business Award, just one of a number of other awards.
How did we achieve such recognition? Because of the great feedback we have received from our clients and
the immense value we have provided for them. We are our clients’ Queen to their King.