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Use Clear Call To Actions

Blog Marketing | Brand Development | Posted on Nov 6, 2019 | Last updated on September 29, 2023

So you managed to talk to an attractive stranger at the bar. What’s next?

An open-ended date can leave anyone hanging like: Is he really into me? Are we going out again next time? Does she even like talking to me?

It seems pretty obvious, but all you need to do is ask what is it that you want next… Like asking if you can get her number or something like that.

This rings true even to your customers. You’ve made them read your content, visit your website, or watch your video… all these for what?

call to actions

How does Call To Action help?

Call to actions (CTAs) will help them navigate to that product or service you’re talking about. They will lead them to subscribe for more content, go to your website, watch another video, or make that purchase before they even have the chance to think about it.

Call To Actions

An effective Call to Action (CTA) has some strategy that we’d like to share with you:

  1. Use bold colors: CTAs are meant to be seen. Design your materials by using bold colors for your CTA buttons. But don’t make them cringe either, make sure it’s still visually appealing.
  2. Make it clear: You’ve done enough convincing in your content. For your CTAs, be honest and get to the point.
  3. Set the bait: Give it a little boost and offer a ‘you’re-not-getting-this-anywhere’ kind of deal. Something like ‘Get this for FREE’ sounds interesting.
  4. Make it talk to them: One-word CTAs used to work until customers wanted a more human-like interaction. Make your CTAs talk with more words, like: ‘Watch Right Now’, ‘Reserve Your Seat’ or even ‘I Want More Products Like This’
  5. Set a timeline: Make them think it’s their only chance. Something about ‘Few Items Left’ or ‘Get this for today only’ helps them make a decision real quick.
  6. Look good on mobile: There’s a good chance you’re being viewed on mobile because that’s where everybody is right now. So make sure everything will look good on all kinds of devices.

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