We not only strive to achieve success for ourselves but also aim to help our clients
shine by leveraging our expertise and experience to position them for recognition
and awards in their respective fields.

Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

This recognition places Techna at the forefront of digital marketing within the healthcare industry, showcasing our expertise and success in delivering effective marketing strategies and solutions for healthcare organizations. DesignRush’s rankings provide a valuable resource for businesses seeking top-tier marketing agencies specialized in the healthcare sector.

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Titan Business Awards 2022 (Gold Winner)

The TITAN Business Awards is a global platform that seeks to acknowledge and honor industry leaders who are trailblazers in innovation, leadership, and remarkable accomplishments. This prestigious award celebrates outstanding business achievements on a global scale, recognizing both emerging startups and established industry giants that consistently surpass expectations and set new standards that inspire others to strive for greater success.

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Web Excellence Awards 2021 (Excellence Awards)

The Web Excellence Awards is a prestigious platform that aims to acknowledge and honor the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of both individuals and organizations in the ever-evolving field of website development. It also extends its recognition to those involved in the creation of digital media content, as well as individuals and teams who have demonstrated their prowess in crafting successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Moreover, the platform celebrates the innovative and impactful work carried out in the realm of social media projects. The Web Excellence Awards serves as a testament to the dedication and talent exhibited by individuals and organizations alike, fostering a sense of inspiration and motivation within the industry.

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Top Digital Marketing Agencies 2021 (Designrush)

Getting an award from DesignRush as a top digital marketing agency means that a company has been recognized and honored for their outstanding work and expertise in the field of digital marketing. DesignRush is a reputable platform that evaluates and showcases the best agencies in various industries, including digital marketing. The award signifies that the agency has demonstrated excellence in areas such as strategy development, campaign execution, creative design, analytics, and overall client satisfaction. It serves as a validation of the agency’s skills, professionalism, and ability to deliver exceptional results in the digital marketing landscape.

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Expertise - Best Web Developers in Vancouver 2020

When a professional receives an award from, it means that they have been recognized as one of the best in their field. conducts extensive research and comparisons to identify highly-skilled professionals who meet their rigorous standards. These awards are given to professionals who have been objectively quantified and qualified through’s selection process. Receiving an award from signifies that the professional has been thoroughly vetted and can be trusted by their clients.

Top Digital Marketing Company for Non-Profits in Washington

For a digital marketing agency, earning this badge from means that the company has not only demonstrated a high level of expertise in digital marketing strategies and tools but has also successfully catered to the unique needs of non-profit organizations in the Washington area.

Washington State Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises

The Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) certification signifies a commitment to diversity and inclusion in business. This certification opens doors to increased opportunities for collaboration with government agencies and organizations that prioritize diversity in their procurement processes. By partnering with OMWBE-certified businesses, you demonstrate support for minority and women-owned enterprises, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

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