Social Media Marketing

Feb 23, 2024
Techna Digital

Advantages of Social Media Ads

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. With the rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, companies now have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, engage...

Feb 23, 2024
Techna Digital

The Power of Social Media Ads: A Gateway to Digital Success

What Today’s digital footprints shape consumer behaviors and purchasing decisions, and social media is a bustling marketplace ripe with opportunity. For business owners, marketing managers, e-commerce professionals, and SEO specialists alike, harnessing the power of...

Aug 24, 2020
DaBina Donley

How To Improve SEO with Social Media

Do you have social media profiles? Are you optimizing them? If not, take a look at this blog on how to improve SEO with your Social Media. 3 Easy Tips on How To Improve SEO...

Nov 20, 2019
DaBina Donley

Make Your Website Look Trustworthy

With the online noise today, users find it typically harder to trust a website. For online marketers, a vital part of the job is to make your website look trustworthy more— especially for paying customers. Otherwise,...

Aug 20, 2019
DaBina Donley

4 Practical Steps to Get Online Reviews

Encourage Online Reviews Do you think customers will believe everything you say about yourself? Some would, but 85% of them will need more proof like these. That’s why online reviews are as important as your marketing efforts....

Apr 25, 2014
DaBina Donley

3 Easy Steps to Gain Followers on Twitter

3 Easy Steps to Gain Followers on Twitter If you are using social media chances are there is a specific reason you decided to join. I’m willing to bet, if you are a business owner...

Feb 24, 2014
DaBina Donley

How Facebook Made Me Money

I used to work for a small family owned jewelry store. The owner is an immigrant, who does everything the old fashioned way and still refuses to enter a receipt in the computer and instead...

Nov 10, 2012
DaBina Donley

How to Setup Google Authorship

In today’s world of SEO, you need to establish yourself as a content producer. If you produce content such as on your own blog, you will want to setup Google Authorship so a recognizable headshot...

May 12, 2009
DaBina Donley

Online Marketing Is the Way of the Future

Online marketing, digital marketing and interactive advertising revenues are expected to grow to $62.4 Billion in the US by 2012 according to a forecast by The Kelsey Group. In the 2007, this was $22.5 Billion...