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What is SEO

Have you ever wondered why certain web pages receive a large amount of traffic? Often, at face value, you can’t help but wonder why and how. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often the key component behind high-traffic websites and web pages. This is the practice of structuring content and keywords in a targeted, strategic way so that a website may rank high in search engines. Effective SEO is based on limited knowledge of secret ranking factors, known as signals, that search engines like Google use. With Techna Digital Marketing’s team, we structure the SEO so that you may be ten moves ahead of your competition and have your preferred customers find you in what will feel like fate.

If you are seeing the same level of traffic to your website, month after month, that is the same as seeing a decrease in website traffic. SEO gets your website in the search engine and on the board. It lets you be found by your audience and is essential for visibility and raising brand awareness. Everyone wants to be on the first page of the search engine, but it takes effective SEO to get and stay there.

If you care about your business, you should care about SEO.

SEO helps you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which gives you more exposure and leads to more sales. The better your search rankings are, the more people will see your business when they search for keywords related to what you do. This means you can see more potential customers that want what you have to offer.

Without SEO, your website is lost in the crowd and hidden from the world.

We have been helping businesses just like yours since 2013. We know what it takes to get found online and will work with you to get your business where it needs to be. We offer SEO services starting at $980 that will make sure your website is listed on the major search engines.

The Role of SEO in a Website

Your web page can have the most modern, elegant design, and you may have the most amazing products or services in your field. However, if you don’t optimize your website to make it easier for search engines to rank you, it will be practically invisible, and you might not figure out why. You could even have the level of traffic you’re looking for, but with a high-bounce rate — where your audience and potential customers abandon your page. This is the challenge of having your presence out there on the internet, and sometimes the missing piece in your strategic arsenal is effective SEO.

Locations We Serve

Our digital marketing company is based in Vancouver, WA and provides local work in the Portland metro area. We have clients located all throughout the US that have trusted Techna to grow their business. Distance is not a problem for us. As long as you consider our firm as a partner for your success, we are always ready to help your business grow. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

What to Expect from Techna Digital

On-Page/Technical SEO

  • Key Page Word Analysis and Keyword Research – We will first look into both of these aspects which provide the framework for SEO and content strategy, focusing on increasing traffic and rankings for relevant keywords and increasing conversions on priority pages. The important key words are what will help your site appear as the first results of a Google search.
  • Content Gap Analysis – This next step consists of evaluating existing content on a topic and discovering missing content pieces that can be improved upon, and thus help it be caught by certain algorithms.
  • Internal Linking – This is where we create links to other pages on your website and also your partners and affiliates. This increases the authority of your website and ultimately improves its ranking.
  • Blog Topic Research – This involves creating a blog content calendar on business-related topics that can attract new customers through relevant search terms in the awareness and research stage of the buyer’s journey. We will focus on strong keyword-targeted headlines, as well as copy and image alt tags.
  • Website SEO Audit – This is the technical part of SEO. It’s the process in which your website will be constantly checked to ensure it is error-free and that nothing is impeding its ability to rank well.
  • Advanced Schema Implementation – Immediately following the website audit, which supports improving your website’s rankings.

Off-Page SEO

After covering everything within your website, our team will then tackle off-page SEO. This is where we work on link-building, social media, video sites and everything else that creates more ways for customers to find you. Here’s our process:

  • Google Business Profile Optimization (GPB) – This free web tool’s goal is to help local businesses achieve higher visibility on Google Search for relevant local keywords. And we know the importance of being part of the first results when you press “search”.
  • Directory Listings – This increases traffic through building authority in specific localities or industry niches.
  • Guest Post Outreach (GPO) – Basically, getting your content published on relevant websites.
  • Bad Link Analysis and Cleanup – A process in which we’ll identify and disavow any low-quality links that could be impeding your website’s ranking.
  • Competitor Ranking Analysis – We’ll dive deep into key search competitors to uncover their secrets and formulate a strategy on how we can dominate them in search results.
  • Lost Traffic Ranking Deep Dive Analysis. – This task will provide an in-depth dive into where rankings have been lost, what the driving factor is, and what actions we need to take to reverse the trend and regain the previously held positions.

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The Importance of SEO

Ultimately, you want people to find your website, stick around, and keep coming back again and again. You want that to be the case for a large number of visitors and potential customers. Effective and strategic SEO will attract, retain, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers. With Techna’s team as your SEO guide, we will optimize everything so that your customers can find you, and create a feeling of serendipity.

SEO for the Long Haul

SEO is a long-term game, and it requires continuous effort to stay on top of changes in technology and the market. That’s why we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that fits your unique needs and goals, whether it’s increasing traffic, improving conversions, or building brand awareness.

After all, change is the only constant, just as much in the internet as in life. Web design trends and technological advancements inevitably arise. Markets for certain products and services are in constant motion. For these reasons, the SEO aspect of your web page will go along with these changes. Our team doesn’t fight change, but instead adapts, strategizes, course-correct and make improvements in a seamless and organic way. Even the best laid plans may fall apart in a moment’s notice, but we come prepared even for that — not just ten moves but backup alternate moves.

We believe that a successful website requires both great design and effective optimization, and we’re committed to helping your business achieve both. At our core, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed online, and we offer SEO services to help you achieve your goals. Our starting price for SEO is $980.00, but we understand that each business is unique and has different needs. That’s why we take a customized approach to pricing to fit your needs and budget. And when you choose us for your website redesign, we’ll include three months of free SEO services to ensure that your new website is optimized to drive traffic and generate leads. Let us work with you to create a plan that helps your business thrive online.

How PPC Can Supplement Your SEO Efforts
and Boost Your Online Visibility

Considering the importance of a strong online presence for your business, we suggest pairing our PPC (Pay per Click) service with our SEO service. We believe that this combination can be highly effective in capturing the attention of potential customers, as PPC often serves as the initial point of contact. We understand the critical role that SEO plays in this process, which is why we prioritize its effectiveness in our services. With PPC, you only pay for advertising when someone clicks on your ad, making it a cost-efficient way to drive targeted traffic, sales, and inquiries. Our team is committed to delivering the best possible results and helping your business succeed.

Together, SEO and PPC make up your search engine marketing (SEM). Without SEM, your website may be hidden from the world. We think strategically and provide the best possible path to bring you, customers. Make the first move to see how search engine marketing can help bring you customers, success, and growth.

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Why Techna Digital

Just like how each chess game is different, each website is different. At Techna Digital Marketing, we recognize the uniqueness of your website and will work with you to develop a customized SEO strategy that helps your website stand out from the crowd. Let us help you move from being just another pawn on the board to a powerful piece that dominates the game.