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4 Practical Steps to Get Online Reviews

Brand Development | Email Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Posted on Aug 20, 2019 | Last updated on July 6, 2022

get online reviews

Encourage Online Reviews

Do you think customers will believe everything you say about yourself? Some would, but 85% of them will need more proof like theseThat’s why online reviews are as important as your marketing efforts. It’s the only thing that will seal the deal for potential customers, especially if your business runs entirely online.

get online reviewsBut we get it…

Not all customers will have time rating your work or service– unless they’re aggressively unsatisfied. Yikes.

This is why encouraging satisfied customers need strategies as well.

Surely, we’ve got tips on how to get online reviews for you here:

get online reviews

1. Ask politely. Did you know that 70% of customers are happy to leave a review when asked? But also know how to ask them politely. It shouldn’t sound like an obligation to them– you are asking a favor.

get online reviews

2. Find the right timing. Remember that time when a certain service went beyond their limits to satisfy you, and you want to do something for them in return? If you’ve made a customer very happy, that’s the best time to ask them for a review. 

online reviews

3. Make it easy. Well, it shouldn’t be a task for them. Provide links or clickable CTAs in your emails. Google My Business allows you to create a short URL that you can easily share. Lengthy surveys are frowned upon. 

online reviews4. Enthusiasm won’t hurt. Send a follow-up email. And make sure to ask them again politely. 

Word-of-mouth is the holy grail of marketing. Reviews are one way of keeping that in check. It will also help you assess how your customers think about your service.

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