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Things That Lead To Good Logo Design

Brand Development | Posted on Jul 27, 2020 | Last updated on September 29, 2023

If you are ready to create your brand, or are in the process of updating, you might want to think about the ways you can create a good logo design and make it stand out. The best way to do this is by following some simple concepts that are the basics to all good logo designs.

Your logo is your identity. It is what others will be able to tell about you with a first look. Your logo represents who your brand is. You will want to make sure it shares the right message about your brand, as well as making sure it is successful in doing so.

Here are some universal aspects and tips on how to make a good logo design that you can use when designing your own.

1. Keep Logo Design Simple (Simple)

A good logo can be redrawn by hand from one’s memory. In order for this to happen, it should be able to be fully received at first glance. To get down to the simplest you can make it, it might require multiple sketches with each taking out one thing. 

Your logo design should also have no room for questions or confusion. Your logo should not have multiple interpretations as it will steer away from its true identity. The best way to do this is to keep your logo design original.

example of good logo design

2. Make Your Logo Universal (Adaptable)

This means that it should be adaptable to whatever medium it will be on. The reason for this is because your logo will be on everything that you own or want to create. Things like shirts, stickers, letterheads, websites, etc., will all have your logo on them and if it isn’t able to be adjusted to the certain size that it needs, then it will be hard to keep your logo consistent and will create more work for you.

Good logo design also needs to be recognizable in black and white. Think about this as you choose your meaning. For example, if you create your logo with the concept of “this stands for that, that stands for that, and this stands for this” then what will stand for what when it is in grayscale?

adaptable logo

3. Have A Logo That Lives Forever (Timeless)

A good logo should last forever. Think about all of the companies that have been around for years and years. Their logo designs have remained the same (maybe minor changes) no matter the decade. Making your logo timeless will truly have your brand recognized.

4. Match Your Logo To Your Audience (Relevant)

Keep your logo design in the context of who you want to attract. This is where your choice of fonts and colors come in. Choosing the right fonts and colors in your logo will bring in your target audience.

sample logo fonts

5. Let Memory Trigger Your Logo (Memorable)

Make your logo design something that is easy to remember. This aspect of logo design is something that can tie every other one together.

Simple = Memorable

Adaptable = Memorable

Timeless = Memorable

Relevant = Memorable

Memorable = Memorable

Believe it or not, but logo design is something that is very difficult to do. It takes lots of drafts and brainpower to come up with something that is timeless along with being simple and memorable, yet relevant and adaptable.

Some bonus tips on how to make sure your logo design is ready are:

  • Come back to a draft in a few days and see if anything can change.
  • Start in black and white first before adding color.
  • Send it over to others and see what message they get from it.

Remember to take these aspects into consideration when creating your logo design. And once you have your logo design, let Techna Digital use it to help with the designing of your website.

Good Luck!

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