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Techna’s speciality is with WordPress websites making Techna

Businesses have dealt with their websites sometimes take too long to load, which can drive away traffic. Moreover, it can be disheartening to see that the website is not getting an increasing number of visitors. On this note, the web page may not be ranking for certain keywords, preventing it from appearing as a top search on Google or other search engines. Another important aspect, especially relevant to today’s digital world, is to make the website navigable for cell phone users. Finding a qualified web designer that can help solve these issues can be a challenging and expensive, especially one who understands the you and your brand.


Starting at $3,500, a Standard Website will help you get your brand out there and start showing people who you are and what you do. A perfect start for businesses looking to refresh their current website or to create their first professional website

Why You Need WordPress?

  • The platform allows for 100% customization
  • Easy to update the website with new content
  • Safe and secure when coupled with a security plugin
  • High responsiveness to mobile designs

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Locations We Serve

Our digital marketing company is based in Vancouver, WA and provides local work in the Portland metro area. We have clients located all throughout the US that have trusted Techna to grow their business. Distance is not a problem for us. As long as you consider our firm as a partner for your success, we are always ready to help your business grow. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

Techna Digital’s Unique Design Process Step-by-Step

We focus on essential elements of website design, such as the ability for the site to be easy to navigate, have a visual design, have information accessibility, intuitiveness, and conversion. We also do not forget the important aspect of your brand. We want your brand to stand out in the digital world, and with our team, we do it strategically so that you come out ten moves ahead of the competition. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital landscape, our team focuses on four big moves in order create for you a custom website that will strategically align your pieces on the board:

  • You Make The First Move – Nothing happens until YOU decide to contact us and get started.
  • Strategic Design – After we fully understand your brand, your website will be designed to reflect the strategies we will use to achieve your goals.
    • Discovery – We understand the who, what, where, and the target audience of your brand with some questionnaires. This is how we begin to better understand your brand and connect with what you are hoping to achieve in the long run.
    • Your Preferences – Then we work on what you need or want. It is important that we understand what should be aesthetically appealing to potential customers, and get them hook, line and sink.
    • SEO Groundwork – Designing starts here as we consider mobile design and user experience. Simultaneously, we create an SEO plan for you. Just a reminder, that initial SEO comes before design, followed by development and core web vitals.
  • Development – We will do the necessary work to your website to make it user friendly.
    • Initiation – we review everything together and we go into development. This is where we work on any features or functions that you want or need as well as optimization for speed and performance. We want your page to load quickly and efficiently, a problem most new websites may encounter.
    • Responsive, Intuitive, Seamlessness – During the web design process, we work on both the mobile and desktop design so that it is easily accessible and viewed. The aesthetics of the design will allow for a great level of interaction and conversion.
  • QA and Go Live – We QA your website both before and after going live. We have a 105-point QA checklist that is used to check every inch of the website.
  • FInally – Your website is now live for the world to see and explore!

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Why Choose Techna Digital Marketing?

The reality is that there is no shortage of exceptional web designers in the market. Nonetheless, while there is an abundance of designers that can design a modern, elegant, and attractive website there are few that can provide the value you truly seek. Ultimately, the design of your website is the most unexpected player in the success of your digital marketing. It can be a hit or miss game when it comes to making a sale or lead, even with skilled and experienced web designers. As a business owner, your website is absolutely one of the most important tools you can use to get the audience you need.

At Techna Digital, we have a team of highly-skilled designers, who weave strategy into their designs, who focus on the starting point to achieve your business goals. Most businesses struggle to align their websites with their brand or tailor them to their target customers. At Techna, we are aware that it is essential for your website to be true to who you are, while meeting your customer’s expectations.

Pairing with SEO and PPC for Maximum Online Visibility

Right from the time of the development stage, we work on optimizing the website for the core web vitals, which is one of the important things that Google, and other search engines, consider in order to rank its sites. During this stage, we are solely focused on speed and the user experience, 2 essential elements of professional web design…

We primarily want to connect this with our other services like Pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO, in order to reach a good degree of traffic and conversion. A website backed by a well planned SEO and PPC strategy is very likely to bring an excellent amount of traffic. Good SEO principles, moreover, will prevent the need to return at a later date to invest in unnecessary restructuring and upgrades. Some new websites encounter the problem of not having constant new visitors or poor conversion rates. This is where the importance of SEO lies, placing your Knights to let the others know that your Queen is strong.

The keywords are of vital importance, especially since important search engines will catch them, thus allowing for your website to be at the top results after hitting the “search” button. We will make sure that the visual design complements the content of the site, especially since that content plays a major role in search engine placement.

A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on prospective clients. Our team at Techna, not only will we have the STRATEGIC PLAN for your website, we will gladly provide the web design that your business’s website needs in order to capture the audience it most desires. We will focus all our efforts on all the essential elements that an excellent, professional website should have and tailored to your needs. We want to raise awareness of your brand and make it stand out in the digital world.

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Alexa Soldo, Marketing Natural High
I've been working with Techna and Doug for 6+ years now. I've changed organizations and made sure I brought this team with me on my new projects. I appreciate the complete service we get from them - anything and everything digital marketing from blogs to very technical things like an API.The team finds solutions to all of my digital needs.
Jade Baldwin, Marketing SportsCare Physical Therapy
I have been working closely with DaBina at Techna Digital for sometime now. I appreciate her attention to detail and dedication to improving our website. DaBina leads her team well: delegating, communicating progress, and following up to ensure timely results are delivered. I would highly recommend DaBina at Techna Digital for ALL your Digital Marketing needs.
Travis Spears, Owner Spears Law
Doug of Techna Digital Marketing is truly a gem. From the first step of creating a website, to continuing support, to always being there to answer our many questions, Doug has always been on the spot when we needed him. Doug takes a personal approach and the time to teach you so that you learn how websites and SEO all work together. We are very happy with the service and products from our work with Doug, and will use Techna Digital Marketing for all our marketing and website needs moving forward. The website looks amazing and we are excited to be growing our business with Doug's help.