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digital marketing in 2019

What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Brand Development | Posted on Sep 4, 2018 | Last updated on May 23, 2023

digital marketing in 2019The digital marketing industry is definitely on the rise, with analysts predicting another big year for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing activities in 2019. But the landscape is ever-changing, and we need to adapt to those changes if we are to stay afloat. Here’s what the experts predict we’ll see more of in digital marketing in the future:


YouTube has risen to become the second most popular website on the internet. And we’ve seen how social media (and Facebook in particular) favors video. Video is definitely huge right now. Compared with other forms of content, it’s more engaging and more versatile. In addition, it has never been easier and more affordable to produce video content. Some experts predict that video will make up an overwhelming percentage of all online traffic by 2021.

Automation and AI

As with practically every other aspect of technology and the internet, digital marketing will be affected more and more by automation and artificial intelligence. In fact, these technologies will probably replace more and more jobs related to digital marketing. These include content creation, writing, video production, data analytics, and more. Human-based jobs in customer service will be replaced by chat bots.

Voice search

Voice search is already a big deal now, with almost half of all adults in the United States performing a voice search each day. In the next few years, voice search will be more conversational and will be more intuitive. People will be doing less typing and more talking. Some experts suggest that half of all searches conducted will soon be voice searches.

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