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About Digital Marketing strategies and other methods to
help your business grow.

UX and SEO Best Practices
Website Design

To have a great website (especially mobile), you will need to mix some UX and SEO best practices together to ensure optimal results. Let me start by explaining UX, then SEO. But, since you may already know about SEO, I will quickly talk about it and how it plays alongside UX, and why you should…

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Use the Website Strategy Pyramid to Plan Your Website
Website Planning | Business Consulting

The website strategy pyramid allows you to ask the right questions to develop an effective website that produces tangible results. Start with the results you want the website to produce for your organization.  Then answer who you most want to reach and what is it they want.  When they arrive how will you get them…

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5 Barriers to Building a Successful Business Website
Business Consulting | Website Planning

You have been tasked with building a new business website for your company. Either you are a business owner with this project on your “must do” list or you have been volunteered by your boss to get it done. It doesn’t matter if it is your company’s first website or you need to replace one…

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Why Do I Need a Website Anyway?
Brand Development | Internet Marketing | Blog Marketing

Don’t put up a website just to have one. You need a real business reason, or why spend the money? A website should be designed to help you reach your business goals. If you have concrete goals, then you will know what type of website you really need. These are things your website can do…

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