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How to Know If Your Core Web Vitals Are OK?
SEO Strategies | Web Usability

Last November 11, 2020, Google announced the roll-out of another important ranking factor: the Page Experience Signal in May 2021. This announcement is very significant because it’s the first time ever that Google has introduced a UX-based ranking signal. All ranking signals before this usually have to do with how search engines view a website,…

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Core Web Vitals: The New Ranking Factor for Page Experience
SEO Strategies | Web Usability | Website Design | Conversion Rate Optimization

Google will always be updating for the sake of the internet users around the world. It may be challenging as the changes happen often, but it is essentially for the best as it allows you to continue to improve your website. Google is implementing new factors that will determine how you will rank in the…

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The Ideal Customer Friendly Experience
Brand Development | Internet Marketing | Web Usability | Website Design

Want to make your customers (clients or patients) come back for more? Look at your selling and delivery processes to provide a customer-friendly experience. Customer loyalty is driven by likeability (86%) and trust (83%) according to a study by Rare Consulting Group. Benchmark from your best competition, look to your sales and customer service teams…

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Optimize Your Page Load Speed
SEO Strategies | Web Usability | Conversion Rate Optimization

At this day and age, no one has time to take it slow. Online users have full control of how they spend their time browsing. It’s not rocket science that if your page loads too slow, there’s a good chance– about 53% — they’d leave, and never come back. Slow-loading pages aren’t good for your…

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