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How To Attract The RIGHT Customers

Web Usability | Website Design | Website Planning | Posted on Oct 23, 2019 | Last updated on July 21, 2023

Attracting traffic is one, but attracting the right customers is another big puzzle to solve.

right customers

When doing your marketing efforts, make sure that you’re spending it on the right kind of customers.

You can easily spot them– They’re the ones who NEED you, they’d be willing to PAY you, and they will REFER you if given a chance.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to do a lot of efforts to come across them. Getting high visits is pointless if they don’t convert to actual sales. Avoid making the mistake of attracting a lot of wrong traffic.

This may not be an easy feat, but know that with the right strategy, coupled with proper persuasion skills, you can win the hearts of many paying customers.

How to attract the RIGHT customers?

First, know who they are.

Create a profile based on your target customers and the ones who were actually converted to sales. Find a common ground, and make this the direction for all your marketing efforts online– your keywords, content, social media, and everything should be focused around them.

Second, create value for them.

Do you know how diamonds became the most precious stone in history? The best marketing strategies made them look too valuable than they really are.

Every brand and business has value.

If you know what yours is, make sure your customers see that in you too.

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