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Tune The Mobile Version of Your Website
Mobile Web

Mobile users are quick to abandon a site that loads slowly or is hard to view. Many websites are designed for desktop and are never tuned to the mobile phone. Yet 50-70% of website traffic likely is coming from mobile. Most websites are mobile responsive which means that the layout adapts to the screen size….

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Accelerated Mobile Pages
How AMP Impacts SEO
Mobile Web | SEO Strategies

In February 2016, Google launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. The move was made to decrease the loading time of web pages, especially when they are browsed on mobile devices. AMPs are also quite useful for mobile browsing in areas with low signals. The number one question on every publisher’s mind, however, is this:…

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optimize mobile speed
Why You Should Optimize Mobile Speed
Mobile Web | SEO Strategies | Website Design

Mobile page speed refers to the speed a website loads in a mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. In today’s day and age, where most people use smartphones, the speed of a mobile page is more important than ever. The problem is, most of the time, a website still loads faster on a desktop…

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A Study on How Much Mobile Traffic is going to Small Business Websites
Mobile Web

I found the actual traffic from mobile to be 29.1% when I checked 20 of our client websites for Q1 of 2014. This is up from 22.4% for Q1 of 2013. These mobile numbers include mobile phones and tablet visits. I wanted to answer the question how much of the traffic going to small business…

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7 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App
Mobile Web

There are more than a million apps available to download to your mobile phone. How are you going to get your app noticed and used amongst such competition? You need to market it so your audience will notice you. Brand: Create your story. What is the human angle of the problem you solve? Define and…

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