How To Improve SEO with Social Media

Authored By: DaBina Donley

improve SEO with social media

Do you have social media profiles? Are you optimizing them? If not, take a look at this blog on how to improve SEO with your Social Media.

3 Easy Tips on How To Improve SEO with Social Media

  1. Provide quality content to boost the likelihood of sharing.
  2. Prepare for research on your social media profiles.
  3. Keep all social media and online presence consistent. 

Let’s go into a little more detail about what these mean and how you can do it.

Hint: They all tie back to optimizing your social media profiles and bulking them out as much as you can.

FIRST! Why should you improve your SEO with social media?

Here is a simple equation:

More people are on social media. SEO is how people find you. If you have SEO on your social media, then people can find you.

This is something that can sum up why you should improve your SEO with social media. Read on to learn how you can do that.

Provide quality content to boost the likelihood of sharing

When it comes to sharing, people don’t just share anything. They share the things that make them feel, think, or wonder. Whether it is a funny picture or an informational blog, people will share if they like it.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you will need to make sure your social media posts trigger your new followers, and current followers, to feel, think, relate, or wonder.

Since you want to know how to improve SEO with social media, here are some best practices that you can follow:

  • Post content that can be universal. The more your post can be shared by others, the more it will be seen by others.
  • Do some extra research to find out what is trending. For example, using memes is something that can always be shared, and will make others feel too.
  • Incorporate your keyword into your post in a subtle and natural way

Prepare for research on your actual social media profiles.

Today, users are looking for information about services or products on social media. Some of the most popular platforms that users use to search are Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Why does this matter? Well, it matters if you want to be found or want to know how to improve SEO with social media. You will have to optimize your social media to incorporate your keywords. This means using it in your bio, captions, and descriptions.

Users could be looking for items, services, reviews, and anything else about your business. If you were to lack in mentioning one of the services you offer, that means that you lost a potential customer. 

This is why you will want to keep things updated, which leads to the next tip, to be consistent.

Keep all social media and online presence consistent

Make sure to keep all of your contact and profile info consistent and updated. Include your phone number, business name, address, website, location pin, brand, and anything else that can be represented by you. You will be seen by both users and search engines as a credible business.

You will also want to keep consistent hashtags and labels. It can be fun to add hashtags, but adding too much is the same as overstuffing keywords into your content. Some important ones are:

  • Your company name
  • major service provided
  • City
  • State
  • Your keywords
  • One word describing the post
  • One word describing your business

(ex. #companyname #majorservice #city #state #SEO #socialmedia #helpful #local)

This will help establish your brand and if anybody ever directly looks you up, they will be able to find you, easily.

Ensure your phone number and address are the same on every website, GMB, and social media account you have. If a business has one phone number on their website, and then a different one on GMB, which one would you call?

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