3 Easy Steps to Gain Followers on Twitter

Authored By: DaBina Donley


3 Easy Steps to Gain Followers on Twitter

If you are using social media chances are there is a specific reason you decided to join. I’m willing to bet, if you are a business owner the reason you created an account was to leverage it to make money in your business. The buzz in the business world used to be that you needed to be on social media in order to get ahead of the competition. Now the buzz is that you need to be involved in social media in order to not fall behind.

Even if you have opened up your accounts, and have been posting, are you actually communicating with these unknown customers, or would your time be better spent talking to the wall? Chances are if you are regularly gaining new followers (daily) and you aren’t seeing your thoughts spread, or re-tweeted, then you are doing something wrong.

Here are tips you should follow in order to best maximize your efforts on Twitter:

  • Make sure you are posting regularly. I know you have seen this advice before, but I would challenge you to try and post daily, or a couple of times a day for a week.

o   This content needs to be new to the site. Post from your blog, or thought leaders that you follow off the site

o   If you are like me and busy, schedule these posts to auto-post during the peak traffic hours using a platform like Hootsuite, or Buffer

  • Twitter is a social platform, meaning that you need to be social. Interact with people you want to be like. Are these people thought leaders in your industry? Do they have potential to influence your customers? If so, reply to their questions, your favorite content that they post, and mention them in pertinent posts
  • Respond to people who mention you, or ask you questions

By following these three steps every day, for a week you can test out what’s working for you. If something isn’t working, drop it and move on.

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