7 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Authored By: Rommel G

There are more than a million apps available to download to your mobile phone. How are you going to get your app noticed and used amongst such competition? You need to market it so your audience will notice you.

  1. Brand: Create your story. What is the human angle of the problem you solve? Define and build your brand personality. This means stretching beyond your current following and reaching out to a new audience.
  2. App Store: Differentiate your app from your competition. What are your unique features. What are the cool things that your app does that others in your same category doesn’t do?
  3. Website: Build and promote your app website. Make your website interesting. Show the app in action. Tell your story and make downloading easy.
  4. Buzz: The more people talk, the more exposure your app will get. Use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. Target forms of social media where your targeted audience participates. Engage in forums where your app users are likely to congregate and engage them in discussions.
  5. Release: Announce the release using press releases and blogging. Continue using social media to engage your audience. Give out promo codes on Twitter, run contests and be creative.
  6. QR Code: Increase downloads by making it easy for people to scan your QR Code with their mobile phone’s camera to go to your download page. Use your QR codes in your email signature, blogs and print ads.
  7. Reviews: Get positive reviews on some of the mobile app review sites. This will create great exposure and interest. Here is a nice list of review sites for iphone apps. Many also review Android apps.

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