How to Write Education Based Marketing Web Content

Authored By: DaBina Donley
education based marketing
Chet Holmes, The Ultimate Sales Machine

Most web pages are written to directly promote and sell your services to people that are actively searching to buy. This is typically about 3% of your target market. You can also employ Education based marketing which appeals to 40% of your target market. This is because people today will most certainly ignore selling unless they are actively looking to buy. Most people in your target market are interested in learning.

Education based marketing teaches readers on the most important factors to consider before they buy. The best approach is to bring in actual engaging statistics and market data to consider before they buy.

Let’s suppose you are a company that sells an environmentally friendly road deicer. Your product will certainly be much more expensive than the cheap alternative of salt. Let’s see how you can craft an education based marketing approach that would make people interested and open to purchasing your product.

You could engage your readers with a question like: “Did you know that more than 10% of the world’s salt is used to de-ice American roads? “  This uses an actual statistic to grab your reader’s attention.

Follow through with more statistics like: “Commissioner Bill Spreen says the salt usage is destroying county roads and bridges.  –BEDFORD Massachusetts”

Keep the education flowing: “While road salting helps people travel safely, it has drawbacks. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage to your vehicles. Source:”

The idea is to use real information that is weaved into a story that demonstrates that the cheapest product (salt in this case) is really not the best product. In fact when you consider all the costs, your product is really the best alternative.

In education based marketing, you are not selling, you are educating on factors that your target audience needs to consider before they buy. Your product of course is positions as the natural product that should be purchased.

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