Why Use Case Studies in Your Content Marketing

Authored By: DaBina Donley

case studiesAdding actual case studies to your website / blog not only adds interesting content for your visitors. It adds new, original keyword rich content to help with your website’s SEO. For local search, case studies are an easy way to work in the city, state along with the broader keyword phrases. They educate your readers on what you do and your approach.They add social proof in the form of actual client / customer experience.

How to put together a case study

When I work with my clients to develop case studies, I start by have them look through successful jobs they have done that are interesting or solve problems that may be a little unique. I then ask them for photos or videos that can be added for visual interest. I then schedule a time when we can discuss, usually on GoToMeeting so that I can record the interview.

Questions for a case study

  1. Problem: What is the problem or situation? Why were you called to help?
  2. Background: Where is the client from (for local SEO)? Provide a little relevant background info. Example: They are a family owned small business located in the small town of…
  3. Discovery: Describe how you diagnosed the root problem? Were their multiple possibilities and possible solutions? What lead you to the solution?
  4. Solution: What solution did you settle on? What are the benefits of this solution?
  5. Implementation: How did you implement the solution? Describe the basic steps.
  6. Results: What results did you get? Was your client happy? Were the results long lasting?

Creating the case study

Usually I will go through a “dress rehearsal” discussion and let my client tell the story once. Then I will begin recording and typically the second run through takes about 5 minutes. This makes it easy for a writer to take the audio story and turn it into a compelling case study story.

What is powerful about these case studies, they truly are my client’s story even though we assist with the writing.

Examples of “blog” case studies

  1. Basement waterproofing case study
  2. Cosmetic Dentistry case study

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