How to Create Your Digital Brand

Authored By: DaBina Donley

digital-brandYour Digital Brand is the recognition of your business in the online world. Branding is much more than logos and color palettes. It is everything that your business stands for.  Use digital branding to reach your potential customers.

Your digital brand should do 3 things. It should create recognition, loyalty and trust. To do this you need build your brand personality and connect with your likely customers. Use branding to cut through the marketing noise and reach people at an emotional level. Your brand needs to offer the opportunity to connect and interact.

Build Your Digital Brand

1.  Know your audience. Understand customer’s digital needs and behaviors. This means their demographics such as sex, age, income, etc. It also means knowing their needs, what they read so that your message will reach them.

The more focused your definition of your target is and the more you know about them, the better job you will do in reaching them. Most small business owners try to “cast a wider net” and end up failing. Remember if you try and market to everyone, you end up reaching no one.

2.  Positioning: This helps prospective customers make sense of your company. This is what you stand for. How you are different and unique. Your brand should represent a clear advantage in the mind of your customers. You could be a one-stop-solution, have the premium quality or be the best value. Your brand may represent youthful excitement or could represent safety and trust.

3.  Solve a Problem: Brands should solve a problem that your customers struggle with. It is not enough to simple be unique today. This is where an in depth knowledge of your audience pays off. How are your solutions better or unique?

4.  Support with Content: The content you produce needs to always support your brand. Purposely create content for your audience that positions your brand and that demonstrates the problems you solve. The content demonstrates and supports your digital brand.

5.  Create the Wow: Demonstrate strong value by over-delivering. Referrals are the key and you want to wow your customers. Your digital brand needs to have advocates and ambassadors that are passionate.

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