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Why Digital PR is Important for Your SEO

Content Marketing | Posted on Jun 24, 2021 | Last updated on September 29, 2023

Nothing speaks of a credible business than a huge online presence in today’s fast-paced digital world. Among the many effective marketing strategies used today to reach an outstanding online presence is Digital PR. 

Digital PR is a content marketing technique that helps businesses reach the target audience better by delivering content like blogs, online press releases, web content, and more. These content are created to achieve the following results: 

  • Strong Brand Identity. Providing regular content that keeps the target audience informed on your products and services helps in generating a strong brand identity. By frequently posting new content that is relevant to your industry and to the target audience, you are constantly introducing the products and services that you offer. This will also create the impression that your business is legitimate and you care about the needs of your target audience by constantly reminding them how your products and services can address their problems.
  • Great Online Presence. Social media and other review platforms have opened opportunities for everyone in the world to voice out their opinions on particular products and services. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to your brand because the power of one review can truly influence a lot of people. This is why any online campaign is essential to your business, to rebuild the confidence of your brand and the people’s trust in it if the day a negative review comes.
  • Improve SEO and Organic Traffic. Digital PR and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) go hand-in-hand in generating great traffic for your website. Doing the right online PR campaign that complements and improves your SEO ranking will certainly boost the chances of your target audience coming across your content in search engine sites like Google. With engaging content in the search result, you can expect more clicks and reads on your website. Plus, having a great SEO ranking will add credibility to your brand image, and over time, will invite more people to try out your products and services, which will eventually encourage reviews. If the reviews turn out great, you can expect a better online presence for your brand.


If you’re just starting to utilize any digital marketing tool or technique for your brand, no worries. Here are four helpful tips on to get you started with your campaign:

1. Identify the Pain Points

A helpful way to let your target audience relate to your brand is by using a particular pain point in your content. A pain point is a particular problem that your products and services are meant to solve. This is what your target audience has in common. 

By knowing the pain point, you can build the right campaign to present the target audience with the right solutions to a particular dilemma. 

2. Create “Problem-Solver” Content

Keywords are placed because they are what the target audience is commonly using to look for the right content online that will help them solve a problem. This is why one of the best practices for SEO is to find the right keywords and incorporate them in problem-solver content, to also boost the content’s SEO ranking. That way, when a person uses the keyword, your content will most likely be one of the first things that the search engine site will suggest. So if you have a problem-solver content, there’s a great chance that your target audience will click and read it. 

A few reminders on creating a web content post: 

  • Keep in mind that your target audience is always in a hurry, and they don’t have the time to read. Make your articles are short and clear. Hook their attention immediately with the right pain point and tell them how you can solve it. 
  • Utilize headlines, subheads, bullets, or enumerations to keep your point more readable. Also, include images to help tell your story better. 

3. Collaborate for Better Online Reach

When creating a campaign for your brand, make sure that the content doesn’t just hook your target audience but will also help you re-publish your content across multiple platforms. Collaboration with journalists and influencers will certainly help with your online reach better. It also helps in adding credibility to your brand once people with a great online following start trusting you and share your content to their followers. 

It would also help out if you reach out to journalists and influencers, and pitch to them your campaign to see if this is something that their followers might need to see.

4. Let the Professionals Help Out

There are many aspects to make an online campaign great. It may be a bit complicated especially for businesses that are just transporting their marketing efforts to the digital world. 

At this point, it’s okay to let the professionals handle your campaigns for you. 

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