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Top 10 Most Read Articles from our Blog during 2012

Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Posted on Dec 29, 2012 | Last updated on September 29, 2023
  1. Review of GoToMeeting Vs Join.Me A comparison of the features for these two popular web conferencing products; one is free and the other a paid subscription.
  2. H1 Tags – How to Use Them in SEO A How-to guide on using H1s to SEO your website.
  3. How to Write an About-Us Page For Your Business A how-to guide for writing your website’s About-us page.
  4. WWW vs. Non-WWW, Which is correct?  Your website can either be WWW or the non-WWW version. Just make sure it isn’t both.
  5. Top 76 Most Searched for Local Businesses What types of local businesses are people searching for? What kinds of Geo modifiers were used? The city name was most often used. Many times it was the city and the state.
  6. Top 100 Most Searched for Business Services What are the hottest, most sought after business services? These are B2B services such as accounting, temporary personnel, etc.
  7. Website Footer Best Practices Footer navigation should be placed at the bottom of each web page. Website footers act as a macro sitemap to the key pages on your site.
  8. Meta Description Tags: Best Practices for SEO Meta Description tags are not about SEO directly, but their message will attract guests to your website.
  9. 127 Power Words That Trigger Action These are words that grab your visitor’s attention and then spur them on to take action.
  10. 7 Website Trust Logos, What They Mean and Where You Can Get Them Without trust, your website visitors won’t take action. Trust logos are a great way to use 3rd party organizations to build visitor confidence and inspire trust
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