What Is a Google Core Update: A Quick Guide to Constant Improvement

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

The summer was sizzling for SEO experts and webpage managers alike as the latest Google core update rolled out last July 2021. With the new algorithm promising to punish sites that spam links. Experts are looking toward “older” sites using legitimate search engine optimization tactics to see a spike in their rankings.

So, as we gear up for this new Google algo update, let us look back to the not-so-short history of these core updates.

What is a Google core update?

Like other search engines, Google employs algorithms that enable users to easily search for their needed content based on specific keywords they enter. 

To better improve its search capability, Google makes daily minute changes to its algorithm. Although the effects of these daily updates are minuscule and hardly noticeable to users and webmasters, they contribute to improving the search engine’s overall performance.

However, Google releases expansive changes in its algorithms several times a year that significantly affect its systems. Their developers often confirm and make an announcement about these broad changes as they can cause dips or spikes on some sites. These changes may cause website managers to fix their sites accordingly.

What happens during core updates?

Although it may seem like a Google core update targets specific websites, it does not. These changes are made to improve Google’s search capabilities and do not target particular websites, and so, as the search engine’s algorithm gets better, it may cause some sites to perform worse or perform better.

A good comparison would be with a list of the greatest books of all time. As the years pass, the annual list of the best reads will most likely change. New books will be published, and old books might become outdated. It does not mean that these books have become better or worse. These websites only fall in and out of favor of search engine results.

As webmasters fix their sites to cope with significant changes, there is only one sure way to keep up with all changes: quality content!

Whatever happens: content is king!

The undying SEO adage, “content is king,” rings true for many reasons. Creating the best possible content for your site is beneficial because:

  • It draws users to your page;
  • It creates viable links from other sites; and
  • It improves your ranking in search engines.

No matter the kind of Google algo update that comes out, it will always support rich, informative, and energetic content and follows good SEO practices. So, if you are working to adopt your existing website with a newly rolled outset of Google core updates, then examining your site’s content would be an excellent play to start.

It would be best if you learned how to evaluate your content and customize it to benefit from any update that might come. In this way, the Google algo updates help users with a more optimized search engine and reward the site owners for their efficient and valuable content.

What have past Google core updates done?

The first-ever confirmed Google update was made almost two decades ago with the introduction of the browser toolbar. This nifty tool gave birth to a new breed of professionals tasked to keep sites afloat in a sea of online content. As a result, toolbar page rank (TBPR) became a thing, and site owners and search engine specialists began the never-ending battle for ranking supremacy.

Since then, Google has released countless core updates. Some updates provide fixes to specific problems that site owners report or encounter. Others are quality-of-life improvements to one of the most used search engines today.

Learn how these update impacts your website and how you can adapt to the updates through the second part of our series.

At Techna Digital Marketing, we make sure that your site’s contents are sure to keep up with constant Google core changes. So if you have a website that needs quality content, let our team handle it for you! We help you grow and increase your online presence while you take care of your customers.

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