Using Self-Assessment Surveys to Generate Leads

Authored By: DaBina Donley

self-assessment-surveyHere is a marketing technique where you can have visitors use self-assessment surveys to self-prescribe the need for the services you offer. The trick here is to structure the types of questions you ask, so that your business would be the natural choice to request a quote from.

Let say your company provides Hazmat and safety training. You could offer a free online assessment where visitors can test how good their safety program is. At the end of the survey will get the results showing the strengths and weaknesses in their safety program. Of course these are services you offer and you have a form where they can request a free consultation.

This can work for almost any business services company. IT services companies can have visitors rate their network disaster recovery systems. Business consulting firms can have visitors analyze their business systems. Quality systems companies can get visitors to rate how good their quality control systems are.

Here are the steps to set this up.

  1. Your services: List out 3-5 key services that you want to offer. These should all be closely related to each other such as IT services, safety training, etc. They should all be services that your best buyer could potentially be interested in.
  2. Questions: Develop a series of survey questions where visitors can rate how good a job they are doing. Questions could be “We have documented procedures for…” or “We chart key performance indicators …” I like to use 5-7 questions for each service area.
  3. Instant Results: Display the results with a rating system immediately. You need to show which areas need improvement and where they are already doing a good job.
  4. Quote Request: As soon as the visitor finishes rating their business, offer a free quote or a free consultation to turn this into a lead generator for your business.

Here is an example of how self-assessment surveys work for lead generation.

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