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Developing Your Digital Branding Strategy

Brand Development | Posted on Mar 16, 2014 | Last updated on July 6, 2022

digital branding strategiesYour digital brand is the online perceptions, memories and experiences that people have of your products or company. Your digital branding strategy is more than making your brand memorable; it is about creating a connection and an expectation that you provide the best solution.

What is the difference between digital branding strategy and marketing strategy? Branding is about creating the unique name, image, story, expectations and values. Marketing strategies are telling people why they should buy. Branding is more strategic while sales and marketing is more tactical. Successful branding creates loyalty.

5 Digital Branding Strategy Elements

  1. Targeting: The message is carefully developed to reach the right audience. Your solution should create a high interest and appeal to this segment. You should have a clear understanding of their needs and wants. Conduct market analysis and surveys to gather data.
  2. Logo: The logo is the single most important visual representation of your company’s brand identity. A good logo is memorable, unique, simple and conveys a message to your target audience. Use of taglines in logos is diminishing because they tend to be too limiting.
  3. Domain: Memorable and easy to remember domain names are very important to the website brand identity.  Google.com or target.com are examples of simple prominent brands where the domain matches their brand. Tip: Try and use .COM to appear as a market leader since 76% of all domains in the US are .COM.
  4. Personality: This includes voice, message, style and design. There needs to be a consistent brand personality used in all communication. It is the brand personality that engages and interacts with your targeted audience. The voice and messaging used in copywriting can range from formal and highly technical to friendly and inviting.
  5. Visibility: Create strategies to boost your brand’s visibility to your target audience. Visibility strategies can include SEO, social media marketing, PR, online and offline advertising and promotional giveaways. Use of multiple channels increases effectiveness.

A successful digital branding strategy creates an emotional connection with your prospective and current customers. It helps attract and retain loyal customers. Branding establishes a premium value that people are willing to pay more for.

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