DaBina Donley

President | CEO


Graduate with a B.A in Marketing.


As CEO of Techna Digital, DaBina brings her clients a unique blend of marketing expertise and innovation. With a degree in Marketing, she has strong skills in understanding customer behavior, developing campaigns, and finding new ways to grow a business. DaBina’s best strength is her creativity and drive to try new things. She comes up with clever ideas to capture people’s attention and stand out.

Dabina also really “gets” new consumer habits and ways of communicating in online spaces. As a member of the largest generation, the millennials, she knows how to connect with all audiences and can turn those connections into effective marketing opportunities across many industries.

In her career, DaBina has over 12 years of diverse marketing experience. This gives DaBina the flexibility to tackle all kinds of marketing challenges.

DaBina was featured in Authority Magazine in her response to 5 Tips for Your B2B Marketing Strategy.

She is the author of Learn Digital Marketing On Your Lunch Break that has helped new and seasoned business owners understand the basics of digital marketing.

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/dabina-donley