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37 Things You Can Do With Your Website

Blog Marketing | Brand Development | Internet Marketing | Posted on May 6, 2011 | Last updated on July 6, 2022
  1. Generate leads for your business.
  2. Sell a product or service online.
  3. Reach potential buyers 24/7.
  4. Receive payments (Bill Pay).
  5. Show examples of your work (portfolio).
  6. Take online applications for loans.
  7. Build up an email list.
  8. Have people sign-up for your specials and sales
  9. Sign people up for classes or seminars
  10. Put on a webinar
  11. Train people for job related certifications
  12. Publish a blog
  13. Create a RSS feed that people can subscribe to.
  14. Publish lists of books, favorite restaurants, etc.
  15. Host a forum where people can discuss specific topics.
  16. Publish an online magazine.
  17. Produce an online brochure (brochure website).
  18. Create a searchable database for almost anything (plants, repair parts, cars).
  19. Publish how to videos
  20. If you put on webinars, seminars or are a public speaker, include video segments on your site.
  21. Take reservations for your restaurant.
  22. Have patients book medical appointments.
  23. Display MLS homes for sale on your real estate website.
  24. Post employment opportunities with your company.
  25. Receive employment applications.
  26. Include a driving directions map to your business.
  27. Tell your company story on your About Us pages.
  28. Include a staff directory so clients can see who they are working with.
  29. Attract investors for your business
  30. Publish annual reports.
  31. Have a secure login area for clients.
  32. Take surveys.
  33. Encourage people to review your business.
  34. If you have multiple locations, include a page for each store or restaurant.
  35. Answer questions (FAQ) as part of your pre-sell process.
  36. Make your business look large and well established (even if you work out of your home).
  37. Make your business look engaged and focused in a market niche (even if you are a large multinational business).
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