FAQ Pages – An Internet marketing strategy

Authored By: DaBina Donley

FAQ’s are an important element in web design and do more than just answer questions! They are an important digital marketing strategy and part of the sales conversion process. They get answers to customers quickly, reduce your workload and they are a great source of keyword-rich content for search engine optimization.

If you can effectively help prospects find answers to the most common questions, these prospects will end up as clients without having to call for more information. This means you will obtain a higher number of sales that converted without the assistance of an actual employee. The fact is if a prospect finds an answer to a question on your website, they will most likely take the next step. It is when a prospect cannot find answers that they get lost to competition.

Another great way to simplify the prospects visit is to provide links to areas of the website that can take an action (order form, sign-up form or contact us form).

When writing FAQ’s, write in a relaxed conversational style. They should be written as if a real person asked the question. If you are just launching your website, start by writing answers to questions that help illustrate the features, advantages and conveniences of what you have to offer. Late come in and re-write based on email and phone conversations you have had with actual prospects.

Think about how you convert a prospect into a customer and what the deciding factors are.

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