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7 Tips for Great Website Copywriting

Content Marketing | Posted on Jul 21, 2015 | Last updated on May 23, 2023

website copywritingWebsite copywriting is much different than writing for print. When people read printed books or even brochures, they will read and absorb the message more completely. It is easier for the eye to read printed words because the resolution and clarity of the characters are so much better than on computer screens.

When people read web pages they tend to scan quickly rather than take the time to absorb longer words and sentences. When you write for the web you are writing for two audiences. You are writing first for your visitor, providing interesting and engaging ideas that they want to read. Website copywriting is also for the search engines where you want to integrate keywords into your text so people can find what you wrote when they do a Google Search.

Website Copywriting Tips

  1. Format for scanning: People scan when they read the web. This means that you need to use shorter words in shorter sentences that are in shorter paragraphs. Use headlines, sub-headings, bulleted lists, etc. People will give your web page just 2-3 seconds to understand what you offer. If they can’t understand your offer at a glance, then they will leave by hitting the back button.
  2. Write for your audience: People search for answers to problems or needs that they want to solve. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. Why did they come to your website? What was the problem? How can you help solve their problem? Example: If you are an attorney, people are looking for a solution to a specific legal problem and how you can help them. Ask yourself, “How will what I offer make my customer’s life better?”
  3. Focused message: You may have many exciting services and products to share with your visitors, but you need to create a primary focal point. Online viewers can only focus on one thing at a time. If you present many options, then they won’t hear any of them. If you have a number of services, show them simply and graphically with a link to a focused page about that service.
  4. Active Voice: Write concisely, plainly and openly. Write using action oriented words to get your message across as quickly as possible. Speak to your reader’s emotions and engage them with your words. Don’t be elusive or try to reach everyone. Instead of saying, “Our service will help you be more effective in your marketing efforts.” Try saying, “Close 30% more sales with our service.”
  5. Action: Your visitor arrives ready to take action. Tell them what to do. Make your call to action clear, visual and clearly visible. If someone arrives and then leaves without taking some action, what have you accomplished?
  6. Use Examples and Stories: One of the things I learned in working with the Tony Robbins organization is that people want to hear stories. Human beings are wired to listen and pay attention to storytelling. Include examples and stories to help make your point. Facts and figures may be very accurate, but you need to make sure people will actually want to read what you write.
  7. Use Keywords in Your Writing: In SEO website copywriting, targeted keyword phrases are weaved into marketing text so search engines take note of the important phrases. Your words need to grab a reader’s attention and direct them toward a specific action. Use one keyword phrase per page. Use your keyword phrase in the page headline, the first paragraph and 1-3 more times in the remainder of the text.

Good website copywriting entertains, educates and convinces your audience. People rarely read web copy. Instead they scan and pick out individual words and sentences. More on Content Writing Services Available

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