5 Easy Tips on How to Optimize Google My Business

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

If you are reading this blog, chances are you already have a Google My Business (GMB) account set up and are looking for ways on how to optimize your google my business. Here are five key tips on how to optimize Google My Business.

In case you have not set your Google My Business account, or need further reason on why to set up one, follow this blog to get started.

Tip #1: Fill out every field

Sometimes we may skip over some entry fields that we do not think to apply to us. When it comes to something that brings benefits to your business, you do not want to skip anything. Here are some fields that you should ensure are filled out correctly to optimize your GMB page.

Business NAP

Your name, address, phone number, (NAP), are the most important and crucial factors in Google My Business optimization. These are among the first things that you set up when making your GMB. Having your NAP be as accurate as possible will help you be found by customers as well as leave you in good standing with Google. Here is a quick reference that will guide you.

Location on Map

Google My Business would not be fully optimized without being able to be found on Google Maps. If you have a physical location where you serve customers, fill in the correct address. If you do not serve customers at a physical address, for example, if you are on the go or conduct business online, then you should fill in the areas where you service. Here is a how-to from Google.


Just like you would have the hours of operation on your door or on a sign, you will want to have your operating hours on your GMB as well. Fill out your hours Sunday to Saturday so that users know when they can visit or call. 


You may think that a menu would only be for businesses who deal with food but a menu can be used to list the services you offer as well. The more you show and tell on your GMB will make sure that you are getting the right kinds of customers. For example, if you have a business and have the chance of being busy often, would you want to answer calls asking what services you offer? Most likely not as that would take away from your operations. Adding a menu of your services that users can see before going in will ensure that you are who they are looking for and if they are someone who you can help.

Tip #2: Add photos

Did you know that the average Google My Business page has 11 photos? That may seem like a lot, or that may seem like a little. Either way, the average number of photos is what you should have if you are looking up how to optimize Google My Business, of course, more is better. In the photos that you show on your GMB, there should be a variety of photos of your business from the inside, outside, products, services, and of customers interacting with your staff.


For photos that show your business, make sure to show the outside of your business such as the building itself and/or plaza. Try to get different angles too as they will help users identify your business when they need to visit. You should also include a photo of your sign and/or logo. This should work well whether you have a physical storefront or if you are online.


When capturing your photos inside your business, make sure to get at least one that is of the front entrance. What does it look like from a customer’s point of view when they walk into your location? You will also want to take pictures of your furniture, fixtures, and overall ambiance. This is because people want to visit a place that looks bright and welcoming.


If you are a business where customers can buy items, capture a variety of the items you sell. Not only does this show users what you have, but also shows them what they can pick up the items they are looking for. For example, capture some photos of your aisles and shelves with products on them.


Another type of photo that you should capture and post on your Google My Business page is of real customers using, buying, receiving your products and services. This will show them that your store is active and what they could experience by going in.


One of the most fun types of photos to include when you are doing Google My Business optimization is to take photos of your team or who customers would be interacting with. This not only sends a warm welcome but will show them who they can most likely expect to help them. As you may have heard before, people buy from people. By having a team photo on your GMB, you can also build a sense of community.

Tip #3: Be engaged

Another key on how to optimize Google My Business is to be engaged with your customers. This can be done by simply adding communication features and responding to the reviews that your customers shared.


Just like any other relationship, communication is something that will make or break it. Setting up communication lines on your Google My Business lets users know that you are available. For a business to communicate with its customers, it will need to set up ways to do so. Some of these ways include having a working phone number, so they can call you, and the “Message” feature added, so they can send a real-time live chat message. 

Responding to Reviews

One of the things that you want on your GMB is a review from your customers. Not only do they give you feedback on how you are doing, but they also share with others how you are doing. Would you want to give your money or be serviced by a business that has 1-star reviews? Most likely not. Whether your reviews are 5-stars or 1, one of the best practices of Google My Business is to respond to most, if not all reviews. Again, this shows that you are active and engaged with your customers. 

Tip #4: Connect your website

GMB allows you to have four actions on your profile. These are the Call, Directions, Message, and Website actions. Users would click on whichever action they want to do and then end up either contacting you or visiting you. Since you now know that having the Call, Directions, and Message feature activated on your profile, the other, probably most important action, is to have your Website connected. This is because even if a user is not ready to go in, they will still be able to check you out. Not only does this give them further information about you, but it also drives more users to your website. 

Tip #5: Use GMB analytics

Google My Business gives you analytics that you can use to see how your page is performing and how users engage with your page. The GMB analytics let you see how many clicks, reservations, calls, and actions were made from your GMB listing.


If you were looking for tips on how to optimize your Google my Business, the five listed above will help you get the most out of your GMB account. Make sure to fill out every field, add photos, be engaged, connect your website, and use GMB analytics to measure how users are interacting with your page.

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