The Importance Of Service Area Map In Your Online Business

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

local mapsToday, finding a product or service is as easy as taking your phone out, typing a few keywords, and tapping “search.” There’s no need to ask around, pick up a phone and make calls, or leaf through the Yellow Pages. Practically everything the customer base needs is right at their fingertips.

As such, businesses need to secure their presence online in order to succeed. Nowadays, it’s all about ensuring your place at the top of Google search result pages so customers can find you easily and offering value to your customers so they will keep coming back.

Because customers have become used to finding info on their own, a service area map is one of the most essential features for online stores and business websites.

Here are just some of the ways a service area map benefits your online business.

Makes you easier to find

Even if you don’t have an actual brick-and-mortar store or headquarters for your online business, it pays to be able to give your potential customers an exact location and a service area map. If you identify your service area radius, your business will be more likely to appear in local search results for your particular product or service.

Offers convenience and builds trust

Potential customers need to know as fast as possible if your business can service them. A service area map accomplishes this. And because your business takes place mostly online, it helps build trust when customers can easily find information that allows them to “place” you. Aside from contact info, links to your social media, and a physical address, a service area map also helps represent you.

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