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Lead Generation: Using Your Website to Attract Prospects

Conversion Rate Optimization | Posted on Oct 27, 2012 | Last updated on September 29, 2023

lead-generation-funnel1Lead generation is not about building up your email database. It is about getting people to ask for more information about what you sell. Lead generation must be done with a focus on making the sale.

7 Lead Generation Best Practices

Capture Attention: Your call to action needs to be visible and prominent on your web page when visitors first arrive. Don’t make them scroll down on the page to find it. Add “white space” around your primary action to help it stand out and eliminate distractions. Use bold colors and fonts to make it easily seen at just a glance.

Be Clear: Make it easy for visitors to understand your value proposition and how your service will benefit them.

Your Offer: Think about who you are trying to market to. What kind of offer will get the attention of your best buyer? Many times the direct approach is best and adding a web form for a quote request is all you need.

Incentives are great for email list building, but don’t over incentivize for lead generation. You want people that are willing to engage with you and not people that are signing up for something free. If you want quote requests, make that your call to action.

Privacy Policy: Any time you request someone’s email address, add a point of action reassurance with a link to your privacy policy. Example: Our strict privacy policy keeps you email address safe and secure.

Minimum Information: Require the minimum information necessary. The rule of thumb is that you will lose 30% of conversions for each field over three.

Fast Follow-up: Respond immediately with a thank you for your inquiry email along with your contact information. Let them know how soon they will be getting a response. Faster is better. Even a 2 hour delay will cause a dramatic reduction in conversions.

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