7 Simple Ways to Turn Website Visitors into Buyers

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

cart Companies today use the web as their primary way to develop leads and close sales. You need to use your website to grab your prospects attention. Convince them you are the best solution. Then prompt them to act now. How do you do that? Here are 7 ways you can turn visitors into buyers.


  1. Attract Buyers: Determine who your best buyers are and then optimize your website using keyword phrases designed to attract this group. Use keyword phrases that are specific, this will attract people closer to a buying decision. If yours is a local business, then optimize for your city.
  2. Grab Attention: People come to your site trying to solve a problem or fill a need. They search for a solution using specific keywords. Use these keywords that they will type in for their search in your page headline. This let them know at a glance that you have what they need.
  3. Differentiate: Separate yourself from the pack. Show how your business is different and better. What advantages do you have over your competition? Show that you are faster, better and more reliable.
  4. Build Trust: You want to remove buyer risk with guarantees and easy product returns. Use trust logos clearly visible when visitors arrive to your home page. This would include BBB, industry associations you belong to or even technologies you use to secure your website.
  5. Contact Info: Place your phone number in the upper right of every page. Place your address on every page. This makes contact easy by buyers and demonstrates you are a real company.
  6. Remove Barriers: What are the objections people will have to buying? Answer these clearly in your website copy. Make it easy for them to tack action. For medical websites, book actual appointments online. For large purchases, offer payment plans.
  7. Action: Does your website have a clear, visible and easy way for visitors to take action? Make it easy! On ecommerce sites checkout should be simple in the fewest possible steps. On business websites include quote request forms or collect email addresses by offering something for free.

Design your website flow into a natural selling sequence for your business. The focus is not on a showy design but on how you are going to solve a problem for your prospect that arrives to your website.

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