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How to Convert Lookers into Buyers

Conversion Rate Optimization | Posted on Apr 20, 2012 | Last updated on February 14, 2023

Timing is everything. You want to clearly understand your buyer and what drives them to make their buying decision. To do this, ask 3 questions. The answers will allow you to position your product or service as the natural solution so the will want to purchase immediately.

Remember, people search for a solution to their problem or need.

  1. What are their buying criteria? These are the standards by which your buyer evaluates your product. These are the features, functions and capabilities that they are looking for. Customers will make their decision based on which product best satisfies their needs. Use product comparisons to show that yours is the best and obvious choice.
  2. What makes their problem an urgent priority? This is both timing and circumstances. What circumstances make buying now very necessary? Buyers make decisions faster and look at fewer suppliers when their need is highly urgent. If you discovered your hot water tank had a gushing leak and a plumber knocked on your door, you would probably hire them on the spot.
  3. What are the barriers that keep them from buying? You need to identify what these are and then work to remove every conceivable barrier and add urgency to their making a buy decision. Does your copy make your prospect think that a person like me would buy this? Do they clearly grasp why your product is different and better? If yours is a large ticket item, offer a payment plan.

Tailor your offer to your targeted buyer and present to them when their need is urgent. Make your offer clear and acknowledge their buying criteria. Work to remove barriers to buying.

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