15 Examples of High Traffic WordPress Websites

Authored By: Rommel G

WordPress-websitesLooking for examples if high traffic, popular WordPress websites? Here are 15 that I have found using Alexa Rank as the basis for my selection. Remember that the lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the volume of visitors to a site. Alexa rankings under 100,000 are considered very high traffic volumes. It’s interesting to see how varied the sites are using the WordPress platform

Top 15 WordPress Websites

  1. TechCrunch has an open database about start-up companies, people and investors, has become the leading statistical resource for technology companies and transactions. Alexa = 532
  2. cPanel is the major web hosting manager and hosting control panel.  cPanel has grown to become the most popular web hosting control panel, running millions of websites around the world. Alexa = 1,643
  3. Boingboing is was started as a zine in 1988 and they are described as a weblog of cultural curiosities. Alexa = 3,581
  4. GigaOM has grown into one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology. Alexa = 3,793
  5. AllThingsD.com is a Web site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet and media. Alexa = 4,727
  6. SmashingApps is a growing hot spot of open-source, free and useful online resources for designers, developers and apart from them newbie can also get help to find a better design or development resource. Alexa = 6,997
  7. Quartz is a digitally native news outlet, born in 2012, for business people in the new global economy. We publish bracingly creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones. Alexa = 9,877
  8. Agora Financial provides independent economic commentary, analysis and market forecasts through print and email publications, books, documentary films and conferences. Alexa=27,666
  9. Maclean’s is Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine. Maclean’s enlightens, engages, and entertains 2.4 million readers with strong investigative reporting and exclusive stories from leading journalists in the fields of international affairs, social issues, national politics, business and culture. Alexa = 30,619
  10. MP3.com is a web site operated by CNET Networks providing information about digital music and artists, songs, services, community, and technologies. Alexa = 46,922
  11. Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity. Alexa = 58,657
  12. University of Arkansas at Little Rock. UALR is a metropolitan university on the move, a dynamic learning institution where students find unique learning and internship opportunities provided through one-of-a-kind connections to the state’s thriving capital city. Alexa = 65,158
  13. OpenView Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused on helping technology companies turn their visions into reality. Everything we do is focused on finding, capitalizing and assisting expansion stage technology companies and accelerating their pursuit to become market leading organizations. Alexa = 68,380
  14. I love Typography (ILT) was born on August 7, 2007. It exists because I have a passion for typography, type design, and lettering, and for the words born of those disciplines. This site aims to make the subject more accessible, to bring the study of typography to the masses. Alexa = 75,851
  15. ADOTAS, founded in 2003, is a premier news publication focused on the Internet advertising and media industry. ADOTAS features a daily email newsletter and web site and is proud to reach well over 100,000 advertising professionals monthly. Alexa = 79,894

WordPress websites built on the WordPress platform are mainstream. WordPress is far more than the number one blogging software, it is the number one CMS that is flexible and extremely search engine friendly.

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