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How Best to Incorporate Keywords into Your Content

SEO Strategies | Posted on Jul 27, 2012 | Last updated on February 14, 2023

Keywords are not just for META tags, they are for your visitors that are searching for answers, information or products. Keywords are how people search for you. They are what people type into their browser when they are searching. Once you have picked your keywords, what do you do with them?

Visitors arrive to your website and search for clues that they have arrived at the right place. To a site that holds the answers they are looking for.

Remember, they typed in keywords to be able to find you in the first place. They expect to see these same keywords visibly on your web page. So where will they look?

They will read the page headlines, they will scan the navigation and they may read the first paragraph. All of this will happen in just 1-2 seconds. If they don’t see what they are searching for, they will immediately hit the back button and be gone.

Primary Keyword: Each page should have one keyword that is its primary focus. Keep your page very focused. You can have a couple of secondary keywords that are closely related, but a page should only be fully optimized around a single phrase. Too many phrases will muddy your results.

Page headline: Use keywords in the page headline and sub headers to communicate what your web page is about. If a visitor sees their search phrase, they will become interested and spend more time reading.

Hyperlinks: Use your primary keyword once in link text that will take your visitor to a highly relevant page.

Keep it natural: Your web page is written to convince. You can’t do that if your writing is unnatural and forced. Use keywords 2-3 times on a page. Always introduce your primary phrase in the first paragraph and close out your page with a use at the end.

Beginners will try to use keywords stuffed multiple times into each paragraph. This is hard to read and you will lose your visitors.

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