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Google’s Penguin Update Shakes up the System

SEO Strategies | Posted on May 8, 2012 | Last updated on February 14, 2023

article-by-Doug-WilliamsGoogle’s Penguin update has website owners very concerned… At least the ones that are gaming the system. Estimates are that it will affect 3-5% of the websites with loss of rankings. The Penguin update is designed to negatively affect websites using SEO methods against Google’s guidelines. This includes things like keyword stuffing, hidden text, cloaking, article spinning and link schemes.

5 More articles on the recent Penguin update.

  1. Google Penguin Update: Impact of Anchor Text Diversity & Link Relevancy: The Google Penguin Update, much like Panda last year, has angered SEOs and webmasters, most of who say they have played by Google’s rules. Anchor text diversity and link relevancy may be two key factors of Penguin, according to more early analysis.
  2. Google Shakeup: Coming to a Website Near You: It appears that spammy techniques like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, questionable linking practices, creating fluff content and basically anything with the sole purpose of misleading Google is getting penalized.
  3. Watch Out for a Penguin! Google Fights Back Against Spam: A younger and more advanced brother of the ‘Panda’ update, ‘Penguin’ is an algorithm created to catch out websites using Search Engine Optimization methods which are against Google’s policies…
  4. Google’s New Over-Optimization Penalty: Is Your Website at Risk? The Google Webspam Update or Penguin update went live on Tuesday, April 24. According to Google, it is an update intended to decrease rankings for sites that they believe are “violating their existing quality guidelines.”
  5. Article Spinning: Why It’ll Make You Dizzy: Article spinning is the practice of taking content and rewriting it. This isn’t the same as re-purposing content – which is a wonderful white-hat strategy for reusing the same information in many formats – but rather a very mechanical purpose whose only point is to diddle Google into thinking that you’re more of a resource than you are.
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