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business blog marketing strategy

Developing a Blog Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Blog Marketing | Posted on Feb 22, 2015 | Last updated on July 21, 2023

business blog marketing strategyYou have a small local business such as a dry cleaners, a dental office or a law practice. You have heard that adding a blog onto your website would help improve your Google rankings and attract more visitors to your website. What would your blog marketing strategy be? What would you write about? How to get started?

First let me say this is true. Regularly adding keyword rich content to your website improves rankings ad attracts more visitors. You need a blog marketing strategy or a blogging plan to keep you focused and on track. You need a list of relevant keywords that you can use in your writing and that help inspire you for writing ideas.

Blog Marketing Strategy

Topic: Start by choosing a topic related to your business that your customers, clients or patients would be interested in or are actively searching for answers about. A business blog should educate your targeted audience.

If you are a dentist, you can write about dental implants, new types of treatments or about recent cases you have had. If you are a dry cleaner you could be writing about clothing care tips. An attorney may write about new legislation affecting your specialty or educate about how to react if someone is faced with a lawsuit.

The key is to find topics that you want to write about and that your clients want to learn about. It should also be related to your business or practice.

Keywords: Develop a keyword list based on your topic. These will be phrases that people actually search for related to your topic. Usually I like to create a list of about 100 phrases. I use this keyword list to help generate ideas about what to write about.

As an example, the keyword phrase I picked for today for this blog posting was “blog marketing strategy” and I decided to write about how a small business could get started on blogging.

How to write: A blog posting should be focused onto a single topic or idea. This means choosing just one keyword phrase and then using that phrase in the blog title, in the first paragraph and 1-2 more times in the blog content. A blog posting should be about 250 words in length. It can be longer if you have more to say. As an example this posting is about 425 words.

Blog Marketing Services: We offer several ways to help small businesses get their blogging going. Blog marketing services include strategy development (consulting + strategy + keywords) and blog writing services.

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