Clear Website Messaging Allows Visitors to Discover Your Story

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

website-messagingYour website needs to tell a story that grabs your visitor’s attention and then guides them through your best sales sequence to convince them that you have the best solution.

Your visitor comes to your website looking for answers and solutions to a problem they have. Your website needs to tell your story in a way that engages and interests your prospects.

How to Create Your Messaging

  1. Who are you selling to? You may have multiple audiences. As an example, an employment website attracts both people looking for a job and employers looking to hire. Each will need their own audience specific pathway with their own message, selling process and section of your website.
  2. Create a plan: Start by creating an outline of the steps (pages) that you naturally follow in face-to-face sales. How will you grab their attention, get their interest, build desire and get them to take action. Storyboard your process and use this as your messaging and then your content plan.
  3. Differentiate: What is it that set you or your products apart from your competition? Make sure you present your unique selling proposition.
  4. Check your plan: Does it get prospects interested? Dose it motivate them to take action? Do you have educational elements where they can learn how to apply what you sell? If these are not there, make updates and change your plan.
  5. Start with Headlines: People will scan a page when they first arrive. Will the headlines communicate the essence of your offering? Welcome in your headline may show hospitality, but it has no messaging power. Create Headlines and sub-headlines to tell your story at a mere glance.
  6. Keywords: Use keywords in these headlines. Searchers used these to find you, now they expect to see them when they first arrive.
  7. Write content: Create your web content so that it is short and sweet. Avoid heavy blocks of paragraph text. Create content that can be easily scanned using bold text callouts and bulleted lists. Your content should be benefit focused and not on features.

Your content should flow like a well-orchestrated story. It should educate and convince and then encourage action. You should be able to understand the essence of your story by scanning each page in 1-2 seconds. This is the art of messaging.

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