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turn lookers into buyers

5 things to Turn Lookers into Buyers

Conversion Rate Optimization | Posted on Aug 31, 2020 | Last updated on May 23, 2023

Here is How You Can Turn Lookers Into Buyers

A simple list of five, not too difficult, things to implement to turn lookers into buyers. Let’s get a sneak peek into what those five things are.

  1. Sound Fun!
  2. Don’t Overdo it
  3. Provide Hype
  4. Give More
  5. Say Thank You!

Now, you might know what to do just reading that list, but here is some more information on how to use the list, and why you should, to turn lookers into buyers.

Sound Fun!

That’s all! Sound like you actually want to do business with them. Don’t say “I just work here.” That is not fun at all. 

Sounding fun and engaging with a potential customer will most likely lead to them making a purchase. That is a simple and basic selling technique that you can use for anything, anytime. 

If you tend to sound robotic, pushy, or the opposite of fun, here are some tips that you can practice or take with you.

  • Treat them like a friend/family member. If you are selling an item, talk about it like you used it before. Share why it will make their life better. If something can make your life better, would you do it?
  • Provide an interactive experience with the item if you can. Provide content of box openings or reviews of how it has helped others. Having content that shows you are not just a “click, buy, done” kind of type will let the customer know that you want to engage with them. 

One of the best, and simplest, ways to turn lookers into buyers is to have the right tone. Applying techniques that make you sound fun and not boring or cliche can send a message that customers can vibe with. 

Don’t Overdo It

When I say “overdo”, I’m talking about cramming everything you want into the place where lookers are supposed to turn into buyers. 

You might be overdoing it if you do any of the following:

  • Too many colors and image on the page
  • Hidden actions or unclear CTA
  • Make everything monotone
  • Offering too much at one time

The best way to avoid these overdone actions is to take a step back and view the process of how someone actually gets to be a looker first. This is also called the Customer Journey and is used with UX and SEO

(If you click any of those links, you will get some further information about how to implement some other best practices on how to turn your lookers into buyers.)

It is just fine to have some white space in your layout. Actually, white space is good as it draws their attention to a certain spot on the page. This is an absolute advantage when it comes to signing up for something or if you are selling one specific product or service.

Provide Hype

Just like anything else out there, you have to advertise. The point of a campaign is to let people know what is coming up or what is new. 

If you have more lookers, you are likely to have more buyers. How do you get more lookers?


Hype leads to acknowledgment, shares, and anticipation. You have to create this to get people to tune into your page to take action. 

Some of the ways to build hype are:

  • Frequent but subtle posting. Making posts about a specific product will allow you to get more creative and engaging about it. Create a post that is flashy and highlights what you want them to see. But be careful, and not to overdo it.
  • Start a couple of weeks before your target date. This means you should have your marketing and promotion plans in place far before you are expecting any numbers to turn up. But don’t promote too early, because some will forget about you, or be old news.

If customers have the hype of anticipation and KNOW when something will come out, you create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. 

Give More

Most everybody loves free stuff, saving money, and anything that they are given out of kindness. 

Look at these ideas on how to give more!

  • Create a package deal where, upon purchase, they also get an additional item or benefit
  • Give them a discount if they buy more
  • Create a rewards system
  • Host Giveaways (also goes with sounding fun and providing hype) see Engagement Ideas

Take this information and use it to turn your lookers into buyers. 

Say Thank You!

If you don’t do anything else, do this!

It’s the least you can do for someone who is going to or already did spend money on you.

Also, chances are, they will come back, because you are nice! 

If you follow this list, you are more than likely to turn lookers into buyers.

Good Luck!

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