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Website Visitor Conversion is Like Hand Feeding a Wild Chipmunk

Conversion Rate Optimization | Posted on Feb 2, 2013 | Last updated on February 14, 2023

wild-chipmunkHave you ever tried to hand feed a wild chipmunk or blue jay? They are hungry and definitely want a piece of bread… but they are wary and it takes time and building trust before they will come up and eat out of your hand. It is not different in gaining trust of website visitors.

Your website visitors come to your website looking for something. They are interested, but wary.

Start by thinking of your visitor motivations and triggers. This means you need to deeply understand your best buyers and what they are searching for.

You need to grab their attention by showing that you not only understand them, but that you have something they want. You need to entice them in with carefully crafted benefits, advantages, images and videos.

Visitors are easily spooked. You need to calm their apprehensions with trust building techniques such as trust logos, social reviews, return policies and testimonials.

You need to get them to come in close and engage with you with irresistible offers such as free eBooks, great information and possibly free samples. You want to entice them into taking action. Remember it is easier to get people to make smaller commitments such as signing up for an eBooks than getting them to request a quote or buying a big ticket item.

Use drip marketing email campaigns with helpful information, free webinars and discounts and specials. You are building up a trust relationship so they will return again and again. Website visitor conversions take trust building and offering your visitors what they really want.

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