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What are the Best Keywords for Your Local Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Strategies | Posted on Feb 14, 2015 | Last updated on July 21, 2023

local search engine optimizationChoosing the right keywords is the first and most important step in local search engine optimization for your business website.   You don’t needs hundreds or even dozens of keywords.  Generally there will be 3-5 keywords that your customers or clients will naturally search for.

Focus: It is about choosing the right keyword phrases and then using them in your website visibly in the text on your website. By staying to a select few keywords, your website will be more focused and it will be easier to rank well for these search terms.

Solve a Problem: People naturally search for answers to a problem or a need they have. Your keywords should represent a solution to a problem.

Buyer Strength: These are phrases that are more specific and show intent to take action. These are different than information seeking phrases. Buyer phrases have more words, are more specific such as make and model and will frequently include city or other local terms.

Be Specific: More specific keyword phrases almost always have fewer competitors and it is much faster to get top rankings. Buyers tend to use highly specific phrases as well as singular rather than plural forms. A person looking for new furniture is more likely to type in “leather sofa” rather than “leather sofas”

Local keywords: From a local SEO viewpoint, it is important to include localization (aka “geo-modifiers”) throughout the content. You need to signal to Google where your business is located and where you do business. This helps Google return relevant search results.

A good way to determine your local sales area is to ask the question: Where do 80% of your sales currently come from? This could be anywhere from your neighborhood to the entire US or specific countries.

Best, Cheapest, Fastest: When people search on the web, they often qualify their general keywords to improve their search results. If people search for a home loan, they may search for ”best home loans”, “quick home loans” or “cheapest home loans.”  Searching for a dentist in Denver they may look for “best dentist Denver” or affordable Denver dentist”.

Remember people search Google using keywords as they search. When they arrive to your web page they expect to see these keywords in the page headlines, in subheadings and visibly in the content on your website. Select phrases that can readily be used visibly on your pages as you do local search engine optimization.

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