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10 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

eCommerce is the new reality of the modern world! Today, almost every brick & mortar store has its own digital identity online. However, it’s not that easy! If you think that you will start getting orders as soon as you create your online portal, think again.  Currently, eCommerce is more than just the regular selling…

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Remote Work Tips: How to Make Your Virtual Team Work Effectively and Efficiently
Business Consulting

Times have changed and most of us are working a new norm. Remotely. It can be difficult to work from home when you are used to seeing the same faces every day. Though working from home may be new to some, you will be able to help keep the workflow run smoothly. Here are some…

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customer journey
Why You Should Consider The Customer Journey
Brand Development

When you think about who you provide goods and services to, how do you think they found you in the first place? There is a process that the customer follows that is called the customer journey, and it is inevitable. Everybody has a customer journey in whatever they do in their daily lives. This blog…

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Things That Lead To Good Logo Design
Brand Development

If you are ready to create your brand, or are in the process of updating, you might want to think about the ways you can create a good logo design and make it stand out. The best way to do this is by following some simple concepts that are the basics to all good logo…

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Wireframes 101: Wireframes for Beginners
Website Design | Website Planning | Brand Development

This blog will help answer some of the questions you were wondering about wireframes. “What is a wireframe? “Why do I need one?” “How do I start?” “What do I need for it?” Here is the beginning of it all. What is a wireframe? A wireframe is like an outline of how your website or…

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Top 5 Easy Business Branding Ideas To Have
Brand Development | Business Consulting | Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies | Website Planning

You dress your best on a first date. You pick out your best suit for a first interview. You smile and greet everyone on your first day at work.  Why? First impressions are crucial to make people you value like you. Just like how it does with your business branding. Like the dress, suit, and…

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How To Attract The RIGHT Customers
Brand Development | Business Consulting | Conversion Rate Optimization | Lead Generation | SEO Strategies | Website Planning

Attracting traffic is one, but attracting the right customers is another big puzzle to solve.  When doing your marketing efforts, make sure that you’re spending it on the right kind of customers.  You can easily spot them– They’re the ones who NEED you, they’d be willing to PAY you, and they will REFER you if…

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Optimize Your Website For Search
Brand Development | Conversion Rate Optimization | Internet Marketing | Local Search | SEO Strategies

Optimize your website for search Optimize your website for search by applying search engine optimization or SEO to your website because this allows your site to bring in people that are searching for your services or products. SEO involves using keywords visibly on your site to attract visitors. If your website has undergone a recent…

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4 Practical Steps to Get Online Reviews
Brand Development | Email Marketing | Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies | Social Media Marketing | Website Planning

Encourage Online Reviews Do you think customers will believe everything you say about yourself? Some would, but 85% of them will need more proof like these. That’s why online reviews are as important as your marketing efforts. It’s the only thing that will seal the deal for potential customers, especially if your business runs entirely online. But…

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Case Study: Rebranding After 10 Years in a Franchise
Brand Development

Miller’s Heating is a Vancouver, WA based HVAC company that has been in business since 1947. Ten years ago Miller’s joined the One Hour  Franchise. Last year they made the decision to leave the franchise and needed complete rebranding of their company and all their marketing materials. They had to completely redefine themselves. Miller’s Heating…

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