Top Compelling Calls To Action That Can Improve Conversions

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

The call to action (CTA) is vital in your marketing machinery. It may not be as substantial as the other content on your website, but sending the right message at the right time to a prospective customer is essential to your overall sales funnel. The best call-to-action phrases can improve your conversions massively.


What is a call to action?

CTAs are a common technique in digital marketing that encourages a visitor to perform a specific action. They appear in many media, such as ads, blogs, and landing pages. CTAs range from single words to short phrases depending on the business goal and marketing context.


Why are calls to action important?

Very often, a website visitor might consume the content and leave without taking any action. A CTA helps to direct or remind the visitor to take the next step to engage with the business. In addition, it’s an integral part of the sales funnel as a casual browser could become a lead and potential customer. CTAs can be a powerful tool to accentuate the unique value proposition of your business, especially when paired with the compelling web copy. Some popular ones include:

  • Sign up, e.g., for a free trial
  • Subscribe, e.g., to a newsletter
  • Learn more, e.g., about a product


Best call-to-action phrases

Call-to-action phrases come in all shapes and sizes. Besides the marketing strategy and conversion goal, psychology and emotion play a vital role in CTA Language.

Here are some tremendous call-to-action phrases that blend efficacy with versatility.


Get XX free now

People love freebies. Giveaways are a surefire way to tempt a visitor into clicking that CTA button. Consider using this as a lead magnet when your business offers a physical product or service. Or helpful content and tools like an ebook or software. Many would not mind exchanging their contact information or time for something they deem worthy. Hence, conveying a sense of value or novelty for your business or free offer is crucial in the lead-up to the CTA. Feel free to play around with the language based on your offer. For instance, “Download” would be more evident than “Get” for software.


Enjoy XX% off from now to YY

This is a classic widely used in brick-and-mortar commerce as well. This limited-time offer combines the twin motivating factors of urgency and Scarcity. When shoppers see such a CTA, the overriding instinct is not to miss out, mainly if the discount is vast enough. The urgency factor doesn’t give them time to sit on their purchase decision for too long. More often than not, this CTA forces potential buyers to act faster than they’d typically do. Use this in moderation, though. If you overdo it, consumers could see it merely as a sales gimmick rather than a genuine discount.


Be the 1st XX to join.

Humans are social creatures, but we are also competitive by nature. Priority or exclusive access to something affords a sense of superiority; the smaller the group, the better. This works well if you’re trying to attract attention to a new online community or a new product launch. In addition, it also helps to generate excitement and curiosity with your potential customers. A variation of this CTA is “Join XX others in YY.” In this case, a larger group usually means a higher clickthrough rate because it activates another strong human instinct – FOMO, or the fear of missing out.


Try Now

With cyberattacks and online fraud on the rise, consumers are generally more cautious around the internet now. They may not be as forthcoming in signing up or disclosing their personal information. CTAs that make direct promises or claims may not work well with specific visitors. Even if you dangle freebies, some may question, “Is there a hidden catch?” Exploratory alternatives like “Try Now” can help to lower their guard. The implicit message is that there’s a minimal obligation to click the CTA button. The web copy must be similar to guide the buyer’s journey gently. The same goes for the lead nurturing process.


When are you joining us?

Phrasing your call to action as a question is another way to express subtlety. This may not be as popular as the assertive style. But it could be more conversational, engaging, and even authentic. Nobody likes overly pushy tactics. So rather than pushing for a sign-up, this CTA extends an invitation to your visitor. It shifts the thinking from whether to sign up to when and how to.



Again, language can take many forms, depending on the context. Techna Digital Marketing – Bring your calls to action to the next level

The best call-to-action phrases are an art form as a marketing strategy. They  inspire potential buyers to act where and when you want them and significantly impact your conversions and revenue.

With the variety of buyer personas, it’s also important to experiment with different CTAs, such as through A/B tests.


Techna Digital Marketing can help elevate your calls to action and other  marketing elements to the next level, from good to great. These range from social media and SEO to blogs and landing pages.

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