Web Excellence Awards: Press Release for 2021 Awards

Authored By: Rommel G

The internet is now the marketplace to end all marketplaces. It has brought together buyers and sellers from across the world, cutting through barriers of time and space to make items accessible at the click of a button. The WE-Awards recognize this fact. So, in their press release for the 2021 awards, they have identified a few online businesses from different categories. In addition, they acknowledge that several websites have been instrumental in using the internet to make a difference.


Who is the Web Excellence Award?

The Web Excellence Awards is a prominent occasion to celebrate the best websites and open web technologies worldwide. It is seen as a prestigious occasion by all those whose work or business revolves around being online.

As with every year, there was a lot of fanfare when the nominations were announced. A vast collection of websites across multiple categories was made available for nomination, with the voting process starting soon after. Vying for category awards are websites in diverse fields such as e-commerce, education, health care, travel, tourism, etc. In contrast, an award is also given out to a website that has made significant contributions to the field of open web technologies.


Web Excellence Awards Nomination Process

The Nomination Process is simple, starting 1st June each year and ending 30th September. Businesses can nominate their site, competitors can nominate other sites, or anyone can go to the WE-Awards website and make a nomination. Only one nomination is permitted per business site each year.

Nominees will be judged on their Web Excellence by a panel of judges, with the 10 best sites in each category then being entered into the Public Vote starting 1st October. The Public votes for their 5 top choices in each category, with the results, announced at the WE-Awards ceremony on 1st December.


How WE-Awards Choose their Winners?

The web excellence awards 2021 ensure that a panel of judges chooses the winners of this prestigious award. This is done to ensure objectivity during the process. It would be unfair for deserving businesses who get fewer votes than others to lose out on such an important accolade.

The WE-Awards judges are industry professionals who have been chosen for their expertise in web design and development. They know what makes a website stand out from others, they understand how to judge unique websites, and they can assess all nominees objectively to pick the very best ones across all categories.


Marley Drugs Website for Web Excellence Awards

Marley Drugs is an online pharmaceutical business that offers a variety of products for its thousands of loyal customers, including prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, health and beauty supplies, seasonal products like sunscreen and pool brushes, foodstuffs like candy diabetic snacks, baby items like diapers, and formula.

Marley Drugs has been recognized as one of the top e-commerce sites for the Pharmaceutical category through its nomination for Web Excellence Awards. They have been nominated because they are an innovative brand that understands its clients well and ensures that theta significant can get access to medicines from across the world. Marley Drugs has been online for 17 years and provides quality medications at affordable prices.

Their e-commerce site is designed to make access easy, ensuring no barriers to the client’s search for medicines that can help them lead a better life. The website is easy to navigate, and customers find it convenient to look around for products, comparing prices across a wide range of items.

The website marleydrugs.com is a project of Techna Digital Marketing.


Who is Techna Digital Marketing?

Techna Digital Marketing is a global marketing company that provides its clients with a comprehensive spectrum of services ranging from strategy, branding, web design, and development to digital marketing. We have been helping our clients achieve their business goals with cutting-edge strategies for years now. Our expertise lies in providing turnkey solutions that are tailor-made to suit the unique needs of each client.

We have successfully executed several digital marketing strategies for various clients worldwide, helping them achieve their goals and widen their customer base to generate more revenue.    We at Techna Digital Marketing understand that each business is unique in its way, which is why we do not believe in plastering generic marketing content on your website. Instead, our digital marketing experts customize your website by keeping in mind the unique aspects of your business.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises experienced marketing professionals from diverse backgrounds such as finance, management, psychology, and technology, classified under four major categories: Creative, Technology, Analytics & Strategy. We bring together our expertise in these fields to provide extensive support to our clients in improving their online presence.

This award only shows that we, at Techno Digital Marketing, always aim for excellence and quality. We always make sure our clients get the most helpful website for their businesses. 

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