Business Websites Should Be Designed for Customer Action

Authored By: Rommel G

business-websitesMost business websites today do little to generate leads or sales. That is because they are not designed to interact with their visitors. Most are just a brochure with basic information about the business. The hope is somebody will be interested enough to pick up the phone and call.

These are what I call the average business websites.

What separates an average website from top producing business websites? It is focusing and targeting the needs of your buyer. Not just any buyer, your best buyer. Your best buyers are the most interested and most likely to buy your product or service.

Your website appearance, messaging and your offer need to target their needs. You need to understand the psychology and motivation of these buyers. People come to your website to solve a specific problem.

Creating Alignment in Business Websites

  1. What: What is the focus of your site? What products or services do you offer? Your website, like your business needs to have a clear purpose. What problems do you solve for your buyers? How is it unique and better than your competition? What benefits will your buyer experience by buying from you? Your home page should address and answer those questions.
  2. Who: Who are your best buyers? What do you know about them? How old are they? How well educated? Income level? Live or work in a particular area? From a particular industry? Create a realistic profile of your best buyer. Use this persona to visualize what their triggers are.
  3. Why: Why would they come? What are their motivations? What personal desires are they trying to satisfy? What are their pain points? Are you closely matching their needs with what you have to offer?
  4. Action: What makes them buy? What is the trigger that will cause them to buy? By showing that you clearly understand their pain, people become much more open to buying. You want to present a website that clearly solves their issue. Make it clear and easy this path to action.

Drive your visitors toward a desired action. Online viewers can only focus on one thing at a time. If you present many options, then they won’t react to any of them.

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