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web design trends 2022

10 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye in 2022

Website Design | Posted on Feb 1, 2022 | Last updated on December 7, 2022

The web design trends you see now will continue to evolve, and web designers need to stay up-to-date on what the future holds by basing on the web design trends 2022. We are going to explore ten web design trends that you can explore in 2022. These designs are not set in stone but based on current web design trends and industry surveys.

What is Web design?

A web design is the three-dimensional or two-dimensional art and interaction that affects or engages a user’s experience on any given website. It is an arrangement of different elements and components like graphics, text, multimedia to provide users the best possible experience on any given website. 

A good web design will also have a good user experience. User experience (UX) refers to the level of ease or enjoyment that a person has as they interact with your website or app. In other words, it’s how intuitive and easy to use your site is from a user perspective.

Why is Web design important?

If you want your business or organization to succeed, it’ll need a well-designed website. Web design is more than just putting up some pretty pages on the internet. It’s an opportunity to engage your audience and strengthen your brand image. So it pays to have a modern, creative web design that stands out from the competition by drawing users in with a pleasing and functional design.

We’ve come a long way since the internet began, and we can expect to see even more developments in web design as time goes on. Web designers will need to stay up-to-date with trends and updates if they want their sites to excel in user engagement. 

Web design trends for 2022

We’ve identified these web design trends 2022 so you can plan accordingly and stay prepared for whatever the following year has in store.

1. More white space

As we move to the 2020s, websites are expected to start using more white space than they were previously. This will allow users to focus on what’s important, which is excellent for content presentation.

2. Huge backgrounds and mega logos

The background of a website is going to get bigger and bolder in 2022. Sites will use large, dramatic images or video backgrounds that make a statement about the organization it represents. These crazy backgrounds will also put user content front and center to prevent distractions from what’s important: the site’s information.

3. More interactive designs

In the age of technology, design has become more interactive to keep up with the latest web design trends. As a result, we can expect to see an increase in clickable elements and tools to allow for greater user engagement on websites. These interactions will add delight to users when they find them throughout your website.

4. More user-centered designs

In 2021, there will be more user-centered or user-focused designs that are customized to each user. This means that websites will be able to learn about their users and customize their experiences accordingly for optimal results. This is done by collecting data about the user and using it to present more relevant content within your website.

5. More minimalist designs

The trend of minimalism has been on the rise since 2016, and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2022. This is great for web designers because white space is more usable when fewer elements compete for attention on your site. In addition, less clutter means fewer distractions from what’s important: content.

6. Interactive infographics

One way to make your website more interactive is by using a series of images or videos that, when clicked on, will lead the user to a different page – much like a traditional infographic.  However, this interactive infographic is more dynamic in that the user will be able to scroll through it and click on certain elements to get further information.

7. More immersive designs

Websites are going to have a greater focus on storytelling in 2022, which means many will move away from traditional design in favor of more immersive experiences. This storytelling is done by using videos, images, and content that work together to create an experience for users.

8. Personalized designs

As more websites use collected data about their users to customize experiences, the need for personalized design will become increasingly important. Websites need to be aware of each user’s location, interests, behavior patterns, etc. and use this information to provide a better experience.

9. Design that supports the purpose

In 2021, web design will be focused less on trends and more on supporting the website’s purpose. This means designers will need to think about what a site needs in order to be successful and choose design elements accordingly. It also means there will be less “what they want” and more “what they need.”

10. Less traditional, more modern design

Web designers are starting to move away from traditional web design elements like sidebars in favor of modern design elements that work better with today’s websites. As a result, we can expect to see fewer navigation buttons and typical layout designs in 2021 to make space for elements that work better with modern trends.


It’s essential to stay on top of trends and changes in the industry. When you invest in a website redesign, make sure it incorporates all the latest design ideas. Check for the web design trend 2022, and base your concept on it. Also, in case you need to know how to navigate the process of soliciting request for proposals and selecting the right agency to do business with, you may want to read this website design rfp guide.

We understand that not all businesses have the time to go through all the details and get the web design updated. That’s why we, at Techna Digital Marketing, trained the right people to help businesses like you. You just need to provide us with your requirements, and we’ll make your website up-to-date. 

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