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SEO Blogging: Use Blog postings to Create a SEO Internal Link Structure
SEO Strategies

SEO Blogging is a blogging technique where you link to other pages of your website using keyword anchor text in internal links. An internal link is a link that points to another page within the same website. These links tie together the pages of a website to form the site architecture. Links form the navigation…

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How to Use Blogging to Optimize Your Local Business Website
Blog Marketing

If you are a local business and you want to optimize your website and attract local traffic, add a blog to your website. Used correctly, this is a powerful SEO tool. It does take willingness on your part to write for your blog. But if you are a cash strapped local business, then this can…

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Use SEO Blogging to Boost Rankings
Blog Marketing

What is a natural way to increase your website rankings? Try adding a blog to your website and writing with a technique known as SEO blogging. Each posting adds one more page of fresh original, keyword rich content to your website. In SEO blogging you use blogging to optimize your website. It requires writing interesting…

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