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how to market your blog
How to Market Your Blog
Blog Marketing | Digital Marketing 101

If you ever wrote a blog, chances are you wanted someone to read it. But how do you find readers? Well, the question should really be, how can readers find you! Here are 5 ways on how to market your blog and how they can bring you more readers. 1. Optimize your blog content This…

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Nothing Helps To Attracts Customers like Blog Marketing
Blog Marketing

The level of competition among small businesses has increased significantly over the past several years due to bad economic conditions. One of the ways some small business owners are handling this increased competition is by launching more advanced and engaging advertising campaigns. This has included using social media and blog marketing as part of their…

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Blog Marketing in 7 Easy Steps
Blog Marketing

Purpose:Blog marketing works best when it has a purpose. This is your first step. This could be to promote a new book, sell a product, bring targeted traffic to your website or to build a following of readers. Target: Who are you trying to reach? Define your target audience with demographics, interests and what information…

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