How to Market Your Blog

Authored By: DaBina Donley

how to market your blog

If you ever wrote a blog, chances are you wanted someone to read it. But how do you find readers? Well, the question should really be, how can readers find you! Here are 5 ways on how to market your blog and how they can bring you more readers.

1. Optimize your blog content

This can be done by utilizing SEO during your writing. Once you optimize your blog content with SEO, your blog will become visible to somebody who is looking around for an answer to a question they might have. Which will then lead to the marketing of your blog!

Here are some of the best practices to utilize SEO in your blog posts.

  • Make sure to have keywords. The point of keywords is to highlight what your blog is about. This will pay off in the end when your blog comes up in the SERP. But don’t use too much, or place them in your writing too often.
  • Use the keyword 3 times. Use the keyword phrase once in the blog Title (main headline), once in the first paragraph, and once later in the blog.
  • Make your blog easy to read. The readability of your blog is also important when trying to optimize your SEO. Try to make it interesting, yet easy to follow, and a little fun! If someone can’t read your blog, how are they going to continue reading on or even share it?

2. Email Subscriptions

This is one of the best ways to gain readers for your blog. With direct contact with them, there is a more likely chance that they will tune into your blogs. 

But to get people interested, you have to make your blogs easy to read, and interesting. You want to make them want to subscribe. Give them a reason to add one more email to their inbox.

The best practices to get your email subscriptions started is by using a 3rd party such as Mailchimp. This works by creating a sign-up form and then letting it pop up or remain on the page for those interested in signing up. This requires some coding, but if you need some help, we at Techna Digital will be glad to help!

3. Create Valuable Content

Another way to get readers to read your blog is to make it valuable for them. Write about topics that are useful and provide a better understanding of common struggles. You want to provide the information that answers their questions and concerns.

The best practice for this is to come up with a topic, and figure out what keywords people are mostly looking up. Once you find the keyword, you will be able to center your blog around that and turn it into a question that you can answer.

4. Use Social Media Sharing

Since blogs are typically on the internet, the option for them to be shared is available. The whole concept of sharing is to let others have what you have. This applies to information too. If someone found your blog interesting or thinks it could help someone they know, they will most likely share it so that they can see. And once it’s shared, your views will most likely go up as well.

The most important thing that you should do, to make the best practice, is to make your blog shareable! You can do this by adding popular share options at the end, beside, or on top of your blog content. Social media sharing is definitely one of the top ways on how to market your blog.

5. Regular Posting

This should really be tip #1. Know why? It’s because if you don’t have blogs posted, how is someone supposed to read it! The benefit of having a regular posting schedule is that your readers have something to look forward to.

A best practice to keep a regular posting schedule is to keep track of the days and times you want to post in a spreadsheet or calendar. The reason for this is so that you will be organized and know what topics will be posted and what topics you can still write about.

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Hope this helps you gain your fandom and gives you some more information on how to be successful!

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